Sad love story


It all started when I was waiting at the bus stop for my college. I saw a cute girl with a bright smile, wide horizontal eyes shielding herself from raindrops, She came towards me & stood by my side. I fell off at her smile for a minute or two and when I regained the senses, “I was like Woww!”. I tried to break the ice and asked her to shift a little as raindrops were falling on her backpack from the broken shelter. All I could hear from her, “Thanks” and the bus arrived and we both boarded. She sat on window seat & I got the aisle seat. Being so close of her, I got nervous and could not say a word. The  whole trip went like “Should I or Should I not ? Finally, We have arrived at the college. As soon as I got off, my friends came as it was our first day so we rushed to the administrating block to complete the paperwork. At the beginning of the session, the college was a little crowded and I found that cute girl vanished into the crowd, that day, I had a feeling for someone, then I headed to attend my lecture……….
The day just passed but I couldn’t see that smile again. Being disheartened I went back to home that night I felt different and couldn’t sleep, the whole night went like is it infatuation or love ? Is she my kinda girl. Unlike bollywood movies love is not everyone’s cup of tea…. especially for me, as I didn’t have any female friend during my school, but deep down I am of romantic guy. The whole semester, my eyes followed her gorgeous self with bouncing black curls tinged with lavender streaks entrapping my heart. Her looks had made me falling for her everyday. It was like I could write a couple of paragraphs just describing how she looked. I promised myself that I would find the courage to introduce myself the very next time I saw her. That time would come when I saw her in library what a wonderful day to meet the prettiest girl I have ever seen. I just combed my messy hair and closed my gapping mouth. I corrected myself breathily. “Hello” and I held out my hand. She took it, her hand soft and smooth, compared to my sweaty ones. “I am Sarah, Nice to meet you Tanveer.
To my surprise, She said that She already knew who I was. She grew a dazzlingly white smile that reached her eyes. We chatted for a bit and She left early without exchanging numbers……..

For three days, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, so I called a friend, who
called his girlfriend, who called her friend to get her number for me.
That night I called her, I hesitated on
the call and disconnected. I took a deep breath, clean my throat and dialed
again, guess what, it turned out to be
her 21st birthday. She was pleasantly surprised and we talked for one hour
or more that night. Polite words and information were exchanged. Gradually, we got to know each other and became close friends. She told me everything. Each day I’d say I’d do it during/after
our class together, but each day my nerves would get the better of me.
Then, one day, it was different. I was going to ask her today….
The whole day I was brimming with confidence, I was super excited — nervous, but in a good way. We had our breakfast and started having coffee. Conversations went on!!!
I said, “I like you. I really like you and I can’t live without you. I poured my heart out. Every word I used had a sense of tenderness and warmth in it. She
remain quiet. It seemed She was panicked. Not because She’s so thrilled that I finally proposed her (deep inside She liked me too), but because She’s
still not ready. She looked at my face
and I looked so hopeful, like I didn’t expect her to say no at all. Like I was so sure everything would go exactly as I planned. Her heart hurt so much for
me at that moment, and
She just said “yes.”
We spent blissful time together where
we sang love songs to each other,
danced like crazy, watched old Disney movies, developed hilarious inside jokes. She was so wonderfully happy, I was
so wonderfully happy, and everyone around us thought we were an amazing couple. Those were the happiest moments of my life. Soon after we graduated together in July 2016. But, I made the hard decision to work abroad after completing my graduation while
she continued to pursue masters,
leaving us with many questions about our future together at the end of 2016. While we were apart, we Facetimed and Whatsapped as frequently as possible from countries away.
When I returned in 2018, she was
waiting at the airport for me. I picked
up a line for her,
“I wanna hold your hand at 80 and
say, “We made it.”
The rest is history.

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