My Love, My Stroy – Mahesh

This is the way I fell in love with someone and I could clearly recall the day when I first met her. it’s my friend’s sis marriage day my friends and my friend’s sis friends are enjoying the marriage location we are shouting, dancing, playing we did every thing. i was enjoying the happiness by dancing. till that day few of girls proposed me but i din’t accept them because it’ll effect in my studies and in my carrier that’s y i din’t accept any proposal. but 28th,april,2011 knight 8:30 pm in Hyderabad, i met her she was simply ware a white Punjabi dress, no make up nothing she was just making claps with the beat and a little move. My uncle come to us offering dinner and we all are going to have dinner, she was walking in front of me of course i was following her, and we are having our dinner.

she is besides me in opposite direction suddenly she turned around and hitted me because she don’t that i was besides of her some of curry was poured in my new shirt. hmm it’s my favoriate shirt. and she was glad and drop her plate and saying sorry to me
and cleaning with her hands. and i told her that “take it easy no problem” and she felt a bit happy and i went to my home to change my shirt it’s 15 kms far from that auditorium.

i drives my car like 100 or 110 and finally i reached that auditorium. but she already went to her home, i felt very and i went to my friend directly and kick him because of shirt. but he gave me a slip and simply smiling by standing, i was shocked while opening the slip because it’s from her. it’s contains “i am really sorry, i don’t mean to do it it’s just happend accedentlly i was searching for you but your not here it’s time to go because i am from khammam time to catch the bus that’s y i am going. i am really sorry hope you understand”. i was just glad and hug my friend and i am asking for her address and the next day me and my friend starts from my home in my car to “khammam” it’s 250kms from my home with in 4 hrs we reached there and looking for her college my friends know about her because she is his close relative cosign. i din’t know my friend also din’t told me about that.

we went have some break fast and waiting in front of her college for her. after a long time she came out from college by chit chaatting with her friends. she was glad while watching us, and simply close to us and call my friend as bro. i was shocked. and come to me and saying sorry for last knight incident, i said ok and we went to restaurant and we order some snacks. i suppose to go to u.k in october,2011. i remember that thing that’s i din’t proposed her. she invites me to her home but i din’t went to her home i was just too her number.

i went to my home by evening, but she was in my brain. i can’t come out from the restaurant and the time spend with her i called to my friend asking him to go again he scold me and ask me to call her he know me very well that’s y he din’t object my proposal to his cosign.

i called her and talking like a friend i din’t express my feeling and all.

i use to call her, chatting, mails. daily i use talk with her 3 to 4 hrs per a day. i comes to know that she having feeling on me, 4 month’s are over. finally i got mail from university that i have to start in october,11 th to u.k. i told her about it she said all the best and all the stuffs. 9 th october,2011 me and my friend went to khammam again to meet her.

she was cried that day. i feel like i don’t gonna leave her but i think about my future and ask her to control. we starts from khammam.

10 th october me, my family my uncle’s family went to chennai for flight. i called her while boarding pass. and she told me don’t forget me. i was happy because it’s crystal clear that she is loving me. my dad and my mum was crying because this is my first time far from my home.

finally i went to u.k and joined in the university. 1 st i called her and told her i am in love with her and i was shocked while hearing her answer she is just saying for this u take 4 months to say this u stupid, i love too, i was just happy and shouting on the road in front of university. from that day i use to make her video calls, calls, chatting, mails kisses, all the stuffs. after one and year she went to her home for holidays for 2 months.

i felt that i lost some thing those two months become 200 years for me because first love na that’s y.

after 2 months she return from home and she called me. and talking like a stranger. suddenly one day she went to home and she din’t inform me just put a message in face book that i am going to home don’t call me. i was shocked after one week she gave me a miss call and saying that we can’t marry because in her home lot of problems are there like caste and all.

so she don’t want to continue it. i said i don’t need any thing from u r happiness if u want to break the relation with me ok it’s u r wish i don’t say anything.

i felt that i was dying that day and i drank like a hell 2 nd time in my life. my mum scold me and ask me to control. and after a few days she messaged me that delete my photos and what ever u have of mine and i did it. a few days back it happend. still now i din’t forgot her. the fell is like a hell.

so please don’t hurt any one like this.

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