My Love Story – Rehan Ahmed

Love always finds a way in each and everybody’s life. Without love there is no life. Everybody fall in love at some point of time in their life, whether it may be love at first sight or maybe its friendship turned into love, or in some cases love after marriage. This is the way I fell in love with someone and I could clearly recall the day when I first met her. How could anyone forget the most blissful day of their life? And so it goes like this…

It all started on my first day of College. All that sleepless nights of studies and persistent hard work has finally paid off and here I am at the front gate of the most sort-out University for a Bachelors Degree in Commerce.

It was a breath taking experience; the campus was like a huge park. Everything was clean and well maintained. There were students roaming all around the place. Some were seated on the lawn and some were seated on the entrance of the blocks. I asked for direction and quickly located my class. Instead of getting into the class, I decided to take a walk around the campus as it is too early for the class.

I was awestruck by the designing and engineering of each block as I passed by, suddenly I stopped, and I felt like I never felt before. There were no words to describe it.
She must have been an angel, such a mesmerizing beauty, with bright blue dress; she looked like some princess who had just came out of my beautiful dreams. I stood there staring at her, unable to move a single muscle.

She was heading straight towards me and then she stopped suddenly and looked really worried. I came out of my shock and my senses started to take over. A group of guys who were standing a few feets before me have called her. At first she just stood there worried without knowing what to do and then when a short guy in the group yelled at her to come near to them she started approaching them – with a really worried face. I really got pissed off, I felt like kicking the hell out of that short guy. But, I was a first year student; I would probably be ragged and humiliated if I ever tried to voice against them.

I know that they would rag her and make her do some stupid stuff and I would not let that happen. I would prefer to die fighting them, rather than see her obeying their stupid orders. I made up my mind.

I pulled my sleeves up, messed my hair and went up to them. She was already standing near them, waiting for them to question her. I yelled “Hey you, Ms. Blue top” I quickly went upto her and dumped my books in her hands. “I want you to take them to 3rd year class and place them in the last bench” I grabbed the ID which was hanging around her neck, it said “Alisha, 1st year”. My happiness knew no bounds, I am going to be in the same class as her and we would be sharing the same class for three years.
I quickly controlled my emotions and in a high voice said “Not even a single tear. If I find any book missing or any marks on them, you are going to be in big trouble; you got that” I said.

Her face became sad and it looked if I keep up my yelling for few more minutes she’s gonna start crying.

I yelled again” You got that?” She shook her head lightly and went away. I glanced at the guys standing besides me; all of them were staring at me, as though I have snatched a fish out of their hands. I gave them a dirty look and went on my usually walk.

I located the 3rd year. Nothing was there except for my books which were lying at the back end of the class. I grabbed my books and quickly strode towards to my class which was 1st year. The professor was already in the class. “Damn I am late, I murmured to myself”

“Arriving late for first class itself?” the professor said.
“Sorry sir, I was held up by some seniors near the canteen” I replied.
“No excuses next time, take your seat now” the teacher ordered.

As I entered the class I saw Alisha seated on the first bench on the left, she was staring at me in disbelief. A little smile crept in my face and I went and seated on the fourth bench on the right.

The classes were interesting; all the faculties were really good in their respective filed of studies. They explained the subjects with great depth. I enjoyed each and every bit of information and knowledge that I was getting in.

Around 2 P.M the lecture for the day ended and everybody started to leave. I quickly grabbed my book and came out of the class. Alisha was walking fast, not wanting to encounter anyone. I yelled her name, she did not turn and I quick went upto her and stood in her path.

“Look, I know you are mad at me, but I did that to get you out of there. I never intended to hurt your feeling, but I had to do that, otherwise they would not have believed that I am senior and we both would have been humiliated” I said.

“You could have told that to me normally, why you had to yell at me back then.” She replied.

She looked like she is going to break down. Oh! Boy. She is an intense emotional one.
“Ok, Ok. I am sorry, I won’t do it again. You can punish me if you want. I really mean it.” I said.

“Its ok, I have never been yelled at, not even by my own parents. So it was hard for me, Anyways its ok, let it go” She replied.

“My name is Rehan, I’m from Xavier’s school, Kolar” I extended my arm.

“Alisha, Bishops high school, Mangalore” and we shook our hands.

and that was the beginning of our sweet journey.

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  1. Brother complete ur story,,,, and first time kisi ne apne story ache se likha hai warna har koi tooti pooti English aur Urdu main lekhtee hain,,, and plz complete it

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