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Hey guys this is “laddu”. I don’t know where to start but I do have a unique story to tell the word. I start my story from my school days. I used to be a tom boy girl. I fought with every guy in my class. Once there was a guy Name lokesh. He was my class mate in coaching class. I had fight wid me too. I start hating him. There was our common friend Kavita (recently her husband committed suicide), who I used to study with at her home. She started teasing me with his name. every night we had conversation, she talked about him. And something started happening with me. I had developed a huge crush on him. But I never told him about my crush not to any one. I passed 9th with 87% in 2003 and stepped into 10th class. I did not forget lokesh till. He also had something for me. Now u guys will be thinking how I am supposed to know about his feeling. Actually he started roaming around my house. Even in picnic his looks at me were different. BTW I was telling you about another guy. There was a guy Bhavesh who started liking me too. One of my common friends came to me with his proposal. Before I could respond in yelling at her, my elder sister got to know about it. She directly went to his sister and had fight for me. I passed 10th in 2004 and went to other school. We all parted our ways for the sake of better education. The school I moved in for study, was a new experience for me. The same story started. Again there was a guy Kirtesh. He was after me. Now again the question rises how am I supposed to know about his feeling. I came to know through universal immature behavior of teenagers. I found my name with his name on every table of my class, my peers started giving awkward gesture as I passed by them. As lokesh was my teenage crush, so I have almost forgotten him. I started liking kirtesh here. He was my recent crush then. According to our society, we girls never suppose to talk to the boy who likes us. So I never had a chance or I should better say “dare” to talk to him. Time passed away and I passed my 11th class and moved to another city with my family. I took admission in another school. And with time I forgot him also. This is the story of my crushes. Graduation love story: I was doing BSc with Biology in 2006. I was 17 at that time. In second year, my cousin was getting married. My cousin was practically our best buddy. So I with my whole family went there to attend his marriage which was long awaited among us. He got married in his 30’s. We went there and started enjoying the wedding. The day of his engagement I was sitting in a room with some women. A dashing man in light reddish shirt and black paints, tall and fair entered the room. He started greeting every one. When my number came he just turned his back. Suddenly a voice fell in my hear…. “Abhishekkkkkk” tune Annu ko greet nahi kiya….and I was like opened jawed..looking at him. Shittt..he is abhishek, My buddy from childhood. I could not believe my eyes he has grown so handsome. I was like man literally he took my breath away. In wedding we had fights, we made up, some time he made fun of me, some time I made fun of him. We were just enjoying each other’s company like we used to do in our childhood. My cousin got married and I came back. When I was leaving he did not come to see me off. I was feeling low. I prayed to the god and asked him to send Abhi so that I can see him one last time. I was going 2000 Km away from him. The god heard me and my father realized that he had left something at my cousin’s home. He called him and asked him to bring that. U wont believe Abhi came with him and I though” had I asked for something else to god, I would have had it with me”. We came back to home and I started missing him. This was my god who wanted us to be together. Abi called from his father’s number to home. My whole family talked to him, when my number came, my heartbeat went fast. I was speechless what to say. He said “hellooo” and I felt something so musical was falling in my ear. We talked and I told him that I had my personal Number (“incidentally my another cousin has gifted me his phone as a gift while returning to home, he came to see me off, I never had imagined to have my personal phone”). We talked, we texted each other for late hours in night. Things were going smoothly and this “love” spoiled everything. I developed feeling for him. When I tried to talk to him in this matter he said I consider you as my “Sister”. He broke my heart. I could not stop myself crying and stopped talking to him from then. I am the girl who never quits easily. I changed my number and started talking to him as an unknown person. I was talking to him almost after a month. I gave him reference of myself and said “ I am leena. I am a friend of Annu”. I saw you in marriage CD of Annu’s Cousin. He easily got convinced. I expressed my feeling to him. Initially he tried to dig out something more about Leena (myslelf). He called me on my home number but I did not talk to him. So finally he accepted my proposal (as Leena). We talked for around 20 days. I could not cope up with myself. I was getting this feeling that I am not doing right thing. I am playing with his emotions. So one evening I called him and spoke the truth. First he got made at me for my act. Later he accepted that he too had feeling but was scared that I may get hurt so better keep me as “sister” so he would always live nearby me. Everything was going well I was so in love with him. I managed and tried everything to be with him. I was having my final year exam next morning and was waiting for his call. He did not call me that night and was not responding to my msgs. I got worried. Though I somehow managed to study and took my exam next day. I called him next evening and asked the reason. The very first thing he spoke to me left me in shock from inside. He said “I want to break up” I busted into tears. He gave me that simple excuse that his mother came to know about me and she wants him to break up wid me. He simply broke up and moved on his life. That night I could not help myself. I came downstairs, I saw my sister and brother –in law were sitting downstairs. My whole family was having a very good evening. I went straight to my daddy , hugged him tightly and started crying. Everybody was silent and was waiting for me to speak the reason of my crying. I said I am stressed out for my exam tomorrow. My father said “ Tu to mera bahadur beta hai, kabi nahi roya to ab kyu”. He said no issues even if u get fail tomorrow, just don’t take so stress. My mother sensed that something is wrong, these tears are not for the exams. Few days later I myself told my mother about abhishek. She asked me for a promise that I would never talk to him again. I went to Indore for further studies. It was 25th April his birthday. I called him on his number around 12 he received and did apologies for the break up. He said I want you back. I was happy that day. We started our relation again. We were going well but again he had something else in his mind. He broke up with me after 3 months. This time I was broke. He broke my heart twice. I could not handle myself. I came back to my home crying and broken. He just never loved me. He used me for his mood fluctuations. When he felt lonely he came back to me, and when he overcame that situaion he broke up wid me. I never met him after that wedding. I never get a chance to hug him and express my feelings for him. Few days ago(after 4 years) he called me and said he has a girlfriend. He loves her a lot. He realized how much pain it caused to me when he left me. He called me to apologies. He said Annu I did not know what I was doing. That was not love when I was with you. Now I know what love is when I am with this girl (His GF). He is getting married with her. He has convinced his family for that girl. 4 years ago he broke up with me for just simple sake that his mother came to know about me. I was crying when he was speaking these things to me. He revived all those feelings. He slapped on my face after 4 years. My story does not end here. Actual story of my life starts from here. I have gone through even worse situation. But I will tell you in my second write up…something that will literally bring tears in your eyes.
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29 thoughts on “Unlucky girl – with 3 times failure in love…Finally found true love – laddu”

  1. Laddujee,
    I just want to know wht advise you need from we frnds in your case? If its about that guy who cheated you its simple forget that idiot and start better man than him.
    Else tell us preciously.

      1. @Anushaka and Sanjana…

        Thanks girls for liking it…

        @Farhan : i understand isliye mene next hindi me likha hai…

        @prince : mind ur own f****** business…i don’t need ur advice got it.

        @summet : thanks.. 🙂

  2. hey your story is very interesting……..i want to read next part…….plz post next part as soon as possible……

  3. Uaaack nva i go 2 advise u kk.. N tri story ek no. Ki bakws h chali h english likhne yahan bht log h jinke smjh se bahr ja ri h tri story cz f english.. I hv 9 fucking business 😀

    1. bro prince

      just want to say u one thing ….. u have to give respect to take respect ….

      seriously think bout it……….

  4. i think to understand my english one has to have a standard…and to understand ur english one must have disprin pill with him 😛
    now tell me what does this ”nav” mean 😛
    And ”9id” means ?

    No hard feelings plzz…

    Though i agree my story is ”bakwas” and i dont know anythng abt english….:(


    1. miss laddu knowledge of English is not an big issue. plz don’t underestimate anyone …..they all are readers and they like u r story they just giveing u an advice and apart form this this is not an crap story. when u read things like this they look just uncommon to someone who is not faceing things like that .but for someone like u it will be story of life …….like u r way to live life …….and God bless u and gn

  5. Nice tregic love story……but sach batau ladke aur ladki ke bich love naamki chiz hai hi nahi sab attraction hai bhai…..hamare saamne puri duniya pdi hai to hum kisi ke liye kyon roye…

  6. i have asked admin to delete this story. Kisi ko samaj hi nahi aa rhi hai 🙁

    @Sawan : Well said sir. good thoughts.

    1. u most welcome are pagli acchi story he aapki kahe dlt marwa rahi …..rahne de n muje pasand aayi yar ….choti chetan bhagat 🙂

  7. nahi pasand kese aayegi jab ki story me kuchh pata hi nahi chala he please tumhari story hindi me convert karke phir bhijo varna bhejo hi mat ok…..

  8. @all,
    Ohhhh God, many interesting comments a few even to improve english too…!!! anyway just wanna say keep writing 🙂 kyu ki dil ki bat sune dilwala 🙂

  9. @prince: i know..i was just pulling ur leg 😛 BTW it was nice having your thoughts…u made one thing clear.. don’t expect sweet comments every time:P
    i am glade you spoke your heart 🙂
    i hope we are even now 🙂
    no hard feelings please…i had sent my second write up in hindi…exclusively in Hindi but not interested in sharing any more.

  10. I wsnt meant 2 hurt u if u gt hurt so go to tak disprin pills.. But yahan log hindi story padhne aate h naaki pakau english..
    @sawan sharma
    respect?? Ooh respect.. May b ur r8 bro.. Bt m nt belvin in just fake respct, swet ppl n fuly whore prsnlty behind f der face

    1. bro ye 1k baar life mili he isme bhi lad ke kya milega acchi jagah he ye site Ham lad ke keu kharab kare. sorry tumhe respect wali baat bolne k liye

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