Tum ko na bhul paye gain – sreya patna

Hi friend myself sreya and iam from Patna .i had read the story from this site but today iam writing my story .this is my real story.Three years ago i had studied Mtech i am a simple girl i dont want to talk any boy .i was new and there were no friend of me after that i made some new friend and riya is my good friend whome i told my peronal problem.and i was felling that no one is my religion in my mtech .but riya told me that one of the boy whose name ayan is my religion and he is her ex classmate of her Btech .riya and ayan both had same college it was my first sem practical exam and my expt was same with ayan so i talk to ayan to explain the procedure of the expt. then he explain and i did my expt it was my first talk with him .then in second sem i got his no but didnt call him from riya i heared that he is a good boy and he help every body . So i called him to know the scholership website then cut the phone because we had no balance then he

told me that after recherge his mobile .he will call me and then evening he call me .and question me that how was my exam in second sem i told it was fine .but one paper was worst then he Encouraged me that it will be fine .and after fifteen or twenty minute i cut the phone. it was my third sem and whenever i need his help i called him and for his nesecity he called me it was our junior welcome then i went college and after evening for some of her work he called me and then say. i was looking beautiful in this day .iam become angry and told him dont dare to talk like this i dont like this. then he said sorry .and after we both talk to each for some of our work.when we talk to each other i dont want to cut the phone when i want to call him he call me .and then one day he say he also dont want to cut the phone while he will talk with me i asked him what is going on then he replys he dont know after few days he asked me if our friends they if will say to propose

in welcome ceremony what will you do ? Then he replys he will propose me if they will say truly then what u will do? Then he say he will truly propose me then he propose me and then our love start it was two year before
I know he is so kind helping good student and a nice guy and i love him , he is not good looking his height is short then me his family condition also not god but i love him due to her kind helping behavior .we start talking with each other in morning one or two hour then before going to college one hour and after college after lunch three or two half hour then evening three or two half hour then after diner two or two half hour either he call me or i call her he said he will mary me he will come to my home for marriage proposal either i will talk with him or not he will love me his entire life if i will leave him he will become mad i was weak in study so he help me studying every subject was understand by my ayan he is so helping in nature boys had coment him but he did not care for this and every day when exam coming soon we were going for study he was helping me soo much for study i will never forget this both last sem he help me that time what ever help i need he helped me that time he never say no to me .if quarreld happen then he said u msg me for what ever u need. if u dont talk with me then also he will help me and he will come to my home for marriage poroposal .whether iam talk to him or not after hearing this word i become so happy iam his first girl friend he studied in boys college or school and he dont drink .he is nice guy .some time i travel with him near our complex campous it was my memorable day to go to complex and he brought icecreame i never forget this .whatever he had eaten like samosha alluchop pakoda he brought to my hostel for me .three times he left my home .he showed my photo to his grand mother and his sis they said iam good looking .and they know that ayan talk with me and his aunty told that he will marry a girl with his choice .that time he say he marry me for him i got good marks he said i will call u if our Mtech complete and also said i will leave him if i compleated study. then after compleat study he got job and we less talk with each other due to her work .then also he speak he will marry me in suitable time at that time also he call me but after month of Aprill he said to me to leave him he dont want to marry with me he said god has choosen suitable groome for me .iam two year elder then him he is twenty four i know him well he got phd for this he dont want to marry with me and his family condition also not good he may be think i will adjust or not and our religions same but cast diffrent. now a days he didnt call me due to financial problem and if i call him he some time receive and it was one week he didnot receive my phone. i love him very much i dont able to for get him what i will do even i didnot talk with him i think him every time i dont understand i want to marry him because he is nice guy what should i do i dont understand”



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  1. He said no that’s where the matter is end you should understand his priorities and move on you guys shouldn’t have been in a relationship it was a nice journey cherish it love is a big responsibility most of The people couldn’t make it I suggest you to do same he does complete your studies make your carrier and someday you will get married and this stuff will long gone hang in there you will be fine Allah bless you both

  2. Sb chng ho jaatey hai, Pehle bolte hai pyr.. Pyr… Shadi… Shadi phr by by ab nhi krna shadi lolz Ap bhul jao use aise log khudke bhi nhi hote apke kya hoge,Aage badho life me.. Khuda apko nek Or achcha partner de inshaallah….. Tc….

  3. Teri mushkil na badhaunga
    Chala junga

    Ashk aankhon me chhupaunga
    Chala jaunga

    Apni dehleez pe kuch der Rehne do
    Jaise hi hosh me aaunga
    Chala jaunga

  4. Uski koi Khair Khabar ho to batao yaaron

    Hum kisi or dilase mein nahi aayenge


    Jis tarah

    Aapne Bimaar se rukhsat li hai

    Saaf Lagta hai ki zanaze mein nahi aayenge

  5. Mai bhi bihar se hu. I can understand his feelings???? Hmare yhaan aksar kahaniyan aise hi khtm hoti hai???? may bhagwan give him strength . You selected him despite of such a huge differences without looking his background. Isse pta chlta hai ki aap bahut kind hearted hai ❣️ aur bahut bahut dhanyawad ye kahani share krne k liye kyunki iss kisse ko mai apni life se relate kr paa raha hu????

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