Trust is the base of any relationship – Kashish Dixit

Once there was a  blonde girl . She was very beautiful . Her eyes were brown that made her more beautiful. She was engaged with a boy from ninth class . And now they are in their graduation . The boy was in her family relation. so they could meet and spend time with each other very often. Both loved each other very much and they decided to tie a knot . Everything was going good in their love but there was problem with that guy ,he was very  suspect person . Although he loved a lot to that girl but he couldn’t see her even to talk with any person of opposite gender . The girl was very innocent . Many times it happened that they quarreled amongst them only because of that reason. She was unable to understand ,how to come out of that problem because she didn’t want to loose him. Some times she shared her problem with her friends and they advised  her to leave him because “TRUST IS THE BASE OF ANY RELATIONSHIP”. But she couldn’t live without him so she decided to bare that condition . She had a hope that one day it happens when he will start to have believe on her.
Days passed, one day she went to his home for two days,But suddenly she returned her home from there and hugged her mother and tears rolling down from her eyes. After watching that her mother became worried. She asked her the reason behind it, but she couldn’t tell the reason .
Next morning her mother called her friends and said them to talk her daughter and try to find out the reason of all this. Her friends went to her and asked her then she told them what happened on that day , when she was in him home .
” she was standing on the window of the room and watching that there was a tot who was playing with a ball . That tot was looking very cute so she was continuously watching him. Suddenly her lover came and said that ” Are you staring on that person”? She didn’t know that behind that tot his father(other person) was also there. she replied that she was watching that tot , even she didn’t know about other person. At that moment he slapped her. This was the moment when she realized that She Couldn’t survive in that condition because “TRUST IS THE BASE OF ANY RELATIONSHIP”. After telling all that to her friends she again started crying. Her friends told her that she took a great decision because this was the question of her respect.”
Then she told everything to her mother and she (mother) supported her in that decision.
Her mother searched a perfect guy for her . He was very nice by his behavior . And now she is living a happy married life with her husband……………. TRUST IS THE BASE OF ANY RELATIONSHIP….

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