True Love Never Dies – Sam

Hello everyone! Here i am back after 4 years on this website from the time i posted my last post back in 2015. A love saga that started in  feb 2014, ends on apr 2019 with my gf getting married #arrangedmarriage. I am sharing with you the last somewhat poetry of our journey which i gifted her before her marrage.
You can read my earlier story when it was all started on this page –

It was an immence beautiful journey of 5 years of long distance relationship where we haven’t met ever in 5 years. The reason behind it was either to meet for lifetime or let it be. Since we were very well aware of our culture we decided not to meet because we don’t want to satisy with little happiness for few time. Let me tell you all those who felt broken after such instances we love each other a lot we were best friends and are best friends. I would recommend all the lovers to live in reality and not in dream world which would give you more power to accept the ongoing and limit expectation. Neither of us are broken because we promised oursleves to stay as best friends for life no matter what.
She even shared everything with her hubby who completely understand her now she is happy with him and me too. I know most of you will ask we should not talk now as she is married now and have someone else in her life, very true. We decided that if her hubby is okay with our frindship we will continue our friendship and else we would stop talking as to not complicate either of our life. We would have stopped our talk if her hubby is not fine with it.
Love never dies if you love someone by heart you don’t really curse them both of us know that we could not avoid such circumstances due to so many issues regarding our mrriage and have to accept for this life we are not meant to live together and rather decided to face it maturely. Yeah it felt bad, you miss those days and memories but it’s important to cherish them think for future we didn’t went to #devdasphase probably because we were prepared to face the reality.

It was the night of madness
when i came out of sadness..
An angel walks into my boring life
who ought to be my inspiring wife…
our love life was at it’s full pace
we forgot that’s it not a race…
we fought, we cried in the arms of one another
everything seems to be wrapping together….
but it’s was never an end of such a beautiful saga
we accompanied each other like  sui dhaga….
journey together was a bit of roller coaster ride
it gives the feeling our love grown wide…
she smiles, she irritates she is a volcano
i like, i desire for my beautiful marshmallo…
she extends her love to a boring guy
that’s y i never want to say her bye…
she is neither hot nor sexy like a unicorn girl
but truely my cutest, hottest and boldest pearl…
she is a true example of wisdom
i always aspire her to be queen of my kingdom…
carrying sorrows in her own heart
just to make sure I won’t break apart….
it’s the destiny that made us separate
even if we know how much we are desperate..
if stars in sky are all the people in my life ever
u will be my pole star in that sky forever….
make sure you water the buds of love inside
don’t let your trust and loyalty beside….
wherever you go spread the light of peace
even it’s not me, love with all ease ….
some come, some go, some stays forever
may be for few days but never let you alone ever…
i vill remember these mrng wishes and kisses
u vill find me around whenever u misses….
keep your smile as a gift of mine for a new journey
probably not for now but i will be there for you hnny…
i shouted i hurt and even broken her in all pieces
still want to live with me, she unleashes…
tough to find a girl with such a  pure soul
getting this girl was always my goal…
May be u r  not mine in this life
if there’s a second birth u will be my wife…

I appeal you people don’t limit your love, but limit your exception and live in reality to deal with any adverse circumstances and cherish every memory you create as a couple.

When you love someone it’s important to respect love for lifelong and not curse it. Hopefully you will read my love story on this page and share your views.
After reading the poetry and love story on that page if you  really feel excited to know what has happened in between those 5 years which is quite interesting, let me know in comments will definitely post the beautiful part of this love story.

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  1. Nasrin

    poem is really good ….:)
    U explain Ur whole life/LV life in dis poem …. it’s really good. .

  2. Alex

    You said well, live in reality dont expect too much bcuz it is better to deal with adverse situations..

    You have presented your story well in poetry form. nice… poem is good.

    you are a nice guy.😊👍 really you have good and big heart.

    stay happy.

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    Haan baaji deti hun


    Every night in my dreams
    I see you, I feel you
    That is how I know you go on
    Far across the distance
    And spaces between us
    You have come to show you go on
    Near, far, wherever you are
    I believe that the heart does go on
    Once more you open the door
    And you’re here in my heart
    And my heart will go on and on
    Love can touch us one time
    And last for a lifetime
    And never let go till we’re gone
    Love was when I loved you
    One true time I hold to
    In my life we’ll always go on
    Near, far, wherever you are
    I believe that the heart does go on
    Once more you open the door
    And you’re here in my heart
    And my heart will go on and on
    You’re here, there’s nothing I fear
    And I know that my heart will go on
    We’ll stay forever this way
    You are safe in my heart and
    My heart will go on and on


    Yeh song gaya tha rohan ne
    Yaar usne kaha tha ki
    Ye song uski life hai diwana hai
    Is song ka really yaar allah kare
    Wo singer banjaye ..

    ye song titanic film ka hai
    Shayad apko pata hoga

    Aur yahk sabko

    1. Naseema

      Sis iske alphas me hi
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      Rohan hi nhi puri duniya ko
      Pasand hai. I love titanic
      Movie superb agar usne gaya h to

      Ameen wo singer banega
      Hii..tabbu baby

    2. IRFAN


  87. T.khan

    Bs Allah Ka shukar hai sis Mai thik hu our batao ap dinner huva apka

    Alex apka name bht alag real name hai ya aise hi dala hI apne Alex ji

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    Zindagi Ka Pehla Pyar Kaun Bhulata Hai,
    Yeh Pehli Baar Hota Hai,
    Jab Koi Kisi Ko Khud Se Badhkar Chahta Hai,
    Uski Pasand, Uski Khwahish,
    Mien Khud Ko Bhul Jaata Hai,
    Akele Mein Uska Naam Likh-Likh Mitata Hai,
    Baat Karne Se Pehle Sochta Hai Kya Kehna Hai,
    Baat Hone Ke Baad Phir Bhi Kuch Reh Jaata Hai,
    Hota Hai Khubsurat Kitna Pehla Pyar,
    Naa Jaane Kyun Aksar Adhura Reh Jaata Hai
    Pehla pYAR….!!!

  89. The AJAY Prasad

    Hmmmmmmm….Naina….Ignore Mere Message Ka…

    Hi T Khaan….

    Ek Tuhi Toh Hain Jo Yahan….

    Achchhi Baat Kehti Hon…

  90. Alex

    nhi Naseema

    i am hindu, alex mera nick name hai
    yeah, i know it sounds like christian, but its just a name
    i am not a christian. mere bahut se naam hai mere school aur college freinds alag alag naam se jante hai

  91. Naina

    Bad me to sabko hi aani h nini

    Koi na yara
    Jo bhi ho
    Hogi to meri hi sound na😜

    Thanks advance me
    Meri sound rakhne ke liye khadussss😜😜😜😜😛😛

    Hiii ajay kaise ho

    Baki sab kaise ho

  92. T.khan

    Nice line Naina sis

    Yr Allah Ka shukar hai Mera pehle pyaar our akhri pyaar bs ek hi insaan hai life time tak insha’Allah

    1. Zoya


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    Hello friend

    1. T.khan

      Hello ishu kaisi hai ap

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    Dard bhara hai ye song sirf
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    Pasand hai. I love titanic
    Movie superb agar usne gaya h to

    Ameen wo singer banega
    Hii..tabbu baby.

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    good evening.

    Nhi ye naam maine aise hi nhi daala hai ye mera naam hi hai
    matalab ki ye mera real name nhi hai. pr mujhe is naam se log jante hai mere yha pe.

    jaise aapka real name kuch aur hoga ghar ka nick name kuch aur hoga waise hi. mera ye naam hai, its not my real name, its my another name.
    mujhe mere dost is naam se jante hai
    aur na hi is site ko use krne ke liye daala hai aisa kuch nhi hai

  98. Naina

    Aankh hai bhari bhari aur tum Muskuraane ki baat karte ho
    Zindagi khafa khafa aur tum Dil lagaane ki baat karte ho
    Aankh hai bhari bhari aur tum Muskuraane ki baat karte ho
    Mere haalaat aise hai Ke main kuch kar nahin sakta
    Tadapta hai yeh dil lekin Main aahein bhar nahin sakta
    Zakhm hai hara hara aur tum Chot khaane ki baat karte ho…………..

  99. The AJAY prasad

    I Love You…Noor

  100. Naina

    Hiii as kaise ho
    Ap new ho kya???

    Thanks tabbu sis

    Good night sana naaZ

    1. Zoya

      As ushu hai i think

    2. T.khan

      Aare Naina sis As koi new nhi hai

      Isha ko janti ho I think apne usse ziyada baat nhi ki hogi aaj kal vo nhi aati hai yaha…As Isha hai

  101. Alex

    Ha naina, tumhari voice hi rakh lunga..dont worry.

    ha nind to sabko aani hi hai

  102. The AJAY Prasad


  103. Naseema

    Good night sabko

  104. Alex

    Naina, lyrics me female flavour to lao.

    aisa lag rha koi male song ga rha hai

    and you are a girl😂😂😂 did you forget?

  105. As

    Nhi Naina sis hum Isha h purane hee h hum

  106. The AJAY Prasad

    Bhai Tu Koi Bhi Hon….Mere Naam Se Comments Karke Badnaan Mat Kar…


    Warna Cyber Crime….Ka Dafa Tujhe Pata Hoga

  107. T.khan

    Oo Acha Alex ji bs thoda alag laga to puchliya hai apse

    Hi Ajay

    Our ye fake Mr Ajay janab thoda to lehaz karo ladki ki izZat Ka..

  108. Naina

    Waise nhi rakhna chaho
    To koi bat nhi Marji apki
    Ap mera hi voice rakho zaruti nhi
    Bas jldi se Sikh jao or ap apne kam me success ho jao
    Inna hi kafi h ek dost ke liye….

  109. As

    Hello tabu kesi h ap Zoya Naina sis kese h ap log sb

  110. The AJAY Prasad

    As….Tum Woh Isha Toh Nahi…

    Jo Mere WhatsApp Mein Thi

    1. As

      Nhi Ajay ji phirse confusion ho gaee apko AP wali Isha dusri h hum Isha sheikh h

  111. Zoya

    Good night 💖💖💖💖
    I miss you all

    Sabhi log ok koi
    Specially phalli nhi
    Sabko good night

  112. As

    Or sare log bhi ha hum bahot time bd AA rhe h or jh ate h koi milta hee nhi h Hume yaha

  113. Naina

    Kya alexwaaa
    Chup chap sun lo na song….
    Good night naseema
    Hum achhe h ishu ap batao

    1. As

      Hum bhi ache h Naina sis

      Vese Kya bt h aj yhaa ldaai nhi huee kisi ki

      Heeloo Alex ji

      1. Naina

        Ye to achhi bat h na sis

  114. As

    Nhi Ajay ji phirse confusion ho gaee apko AP wali Isha dusri h hum Isha sheikh h

  115. Alex

    no problem, miss, T.khan

    haa Naina jaruri nhi hai..waise bhi mai apne liye bana rha hu dusri girls ki voice rakh ke kya krunga ..
    and thanks..

  116. Alex

    na yr aise songs se apna kya. relation hi nhi baithata

    1. Naina

      Achha rap song ke alawa kuch song hi nhi sunna kya…..

      Or Maine isliye bola
      Qki fir roj apko meri bak bak suna hoga

  117. As

    Sb Gaye Kya yha se

  118. Zoya

    Main hyderabad me
    Naampalli me rehti hun tabbu sis

  119. As

    Mere phone me ye story bdi let opne ho rhi h smjh hee nhi AA RHA comment huaa bhi h yaa nhi

  120. The AJAY Prasad

    I Hate You ….Naina…

    ………Wajah…Abhi Abhi Ka..Jo Hon Rahan Uske Liye

    Ab Samajhdaar Tu Bhi Hon..

    Hmmmmmm Sorry…..As (Isha)

    Waise Aaj Bhi Use Thoda Bohot Toh Yaad Hi… Karta Hoon…


    Uska Baat Karke Ka Style Mujhe Bohot Pasand Tha…..

    1. Naina

      Akhir samjhdar hota kya h😜😜

  121. Alex

    Hello miss As(isha)

  122. As

    Haa Naina sis wahi toh khash h aj isliye socha thoda an comment krte j sbke haal chal puchte h

    Hi Alex ji I think ke AP purane ho bahot yaha kuke humne apke comment pde h pehel

    Ji ajay ji
    Koi nhi

  123. As

    But Alex ji apse kbhi humari BT nhi huee

  124. T.khan

    Ok Zoya sis

    Mai thik hu ishu ap ki to bht miss Karti hu yr but ap hame nhi miss Karti ho.
    Sorry apke msg Ka reply isliye late Kiya hai apke jiju Ka call aagaya tha ishu WhatsApp per kab aaogi yr

    Mai yaha bs 4,5month hi aaogi Uske BAAD shyd nhi as paogi sis

  125. Naina

    Haji… batao sis
    Kaha se ho
    Jo so gye unko good night….

  126. Alex

    ha rap song hi sunnna hai

    abhi bhi freestyle trap beat sun rha hu

    bak bak nhi sunna padega mujhe dont worry.

  127. Alex

    haa i am old member of this site.

    ji haan kabhi baat nhi hui isse pahle.hamari

  128. The AJAY Prasad


    Full Form…..Intelligence Quotient

    Jiska Zyaada Hota Hain

    Usse Hum Hindi Mein Samajhdaar Bhi Keh Sakte Hain


  129. As

    Miss toh krte h but humara wo no bnd ho gaya or humne apko btyaa tha ptanhi apne comment PDA bhi ya nhi humare or ak ke bich sb thik huaa h but unhe yhaa ke bare me kuch nhi btaya

    Or hum unki fb ko lekr bahot jada bolte h agr uhe yha ke bare me PTA Chala toh Allah Jane Kya krenge filhal hum dusra no bhi nhi de skte vese Kya pta kuch time bd hum unki I’d use kre fb ki unhone bola h ke KR skti ho toh Bhai ko contact krke apka no le lenge age kehemge wo toh

    1. T.khan

      Maine dekhi hai ishu comments apki ok koi baat nhi jab apko thik lage tab kare ok vaise Bhai ke pass Mera no hamesha Hoga hi jab chahe ap unse lelo ok.

      Mai to ladki hu yr AK problem nhi hogi na Khair

      1. As

        Honi nhi chahiye tabu but abhi family ko btana bhi h unhone or bahot Jada sype hone wale h

        Or unka in sbka Sara gussa mujh PR hee utrega toh kuch nhi krna chhati aisa jb sb ach ho Jaye toh btayenge unhe okk

        Thanks tabu smjhne ke liye

  130. As

    Naina sis Delhi se h Syd AP bhul gaee humri kafi time bt ho chuke h

    Ji ha Alex ji AP kaha se h

    1. Naina

      Solly sis
      Thodi si bhulakkad ho Gyi hu mai

      mai suspense dur kar du kya? Alexwaaa

  131. Alex

    okay now, its time to fuck off.

    i think i should leave now.


    good night.

  132. The AJAY Prasad

    Intelligence Quotient (In Hindi)



  133. Alex

    kal baat krte hai..As(isha)
    kal bataunga kaha se hu

    tab tak ke liye thoda suspense rakhte hai

  134. As

    I think sb chle Gaye hum bhi chlte h gn everyone

  135. As

    Okk Alex bhai

  136. Naina

    Agar main so jau ,
    to mujhe uthana mat……😜😜😜😜😜

    Ylll meko to kbhi kbhi samjhdar
    Word se hi nafrat ho jati h
    Humesha mai hi kyu samjhu
    Koi to mujhe v samjha😛😂

    Wah to meko KB suna rhe song ap gaa ke…..
    Kyu bak bak psnd nhi kya😂😂😂😁

  137. T.khan

    Maine dekhi hai ishu comments apki ok koi baat nhi jab apko thik lage tab kare ok vaise Bhai ke pass Mera no hamesha Hoga hi jab chahe ap unse lelo ok.

    Mai to ladki hu yr AK problem nhi hogi na Khair

  138. As

    Wo Mana toh nhi krenge wo trust krte h mujh PR abhi sahi time nhi h naa toh B’s

  139. Naina

    Good night Alexwaaa….😴😴😴

  140. The AJAY Prasad

    Pata….Nahi Yeh Reply.. Mere Liye Tha Yaan Kisi Aur Ke Liye…

    Par Tumhara Bak Bak…Kisk Aur Ke Saath

    Mujhe Ignor Karke..

    Yeh Pasand Nahi Tha…

  141. Naina

    Tum pgla gye ho kya Ajay.

  142. Naina

    Old Is Gold…
    Ek chor – chori kar ke,
    Ghar se ja raha tha ki …
    bacche ki aankh khul gayi …
    aur baccha bola: .
    School bag bhi le ja Kamine,
    shor macha
    dunga ..

  143. The AJAY Prasad



  144. Naina


  145. The AJAY Prasad

    Hmmmmm….Khaahein.Ignore Marli Tu…

    Humaar Message Ka….

    1. Naina

      Maine nhi kiya
      Ye gltfami h tumhari dost mere.

  146. Naina

    Boy Wrote On His Door plz don t enter in my room I m upset
    Lover saw it and went away
    Parents saw it and went away
    But bestfriend came inside with a smile and said
    kaminey english mai kuch likha hai bahar tune english kab seekhi Chal party de😎

  147. The AJAY Prasad


    Waise Abhishek….BF Hai Yaan Ex

  148. The AJAY Prasad

    Sorry…Ab Itni Shayari Deti Hon…Heart Touching Toh Mujhe Laga…You Fail In Love So I Said About Of Abhisek

    1. Naina

      By the way
      Name galat liya apne

  149. Naina


    Tumhari gf kaisi h???

  150. Naina

    Shayri isliye karti hu
    Qki mujhe
    Shayriyaaaa bhut psnd h
    Specially sad shayriaa…
    N sad song…..

  151. The AJAY Prasad

    Waise Meri Koi GF Nahi Hain…
    Jisse Pyaar Tha Uski Shaadi Hon Gayi….

    1. Naina

      Jaha tak meko yaad h kuch din jab bate ho rhi thi
      To tumne kaha tha ki
      Gf wait kar rhi hogi bye…

  152. The AJAY Prasad


    Waise Tumhara Pasand Aur Mera Pasand Dharti Aur Aashmaan Ka Hain

    Shayari Pasand..Aur Mujhe Fun….

    Tumhe Sad Song Pasand..

    Aur Mujhe Hip Hop….SONG Pasand

  153. Naina

    Hmmm ab zaruri to nhi na
    Sabko psnd ek jaise ho
    Sabki apni apni choice h….

  154. The AJAY Prasad

    Haan..Uss Time Uski Shaadi Nahi Hui Thi……..

    Yeh Kuch Hi Din Hua Uski Shaadi Ko

  155. Naina

    Ohhh sorry

  156. Naina

    Kabhi Kabhi Dil Chahta Hai Kuch Aisa Ho Jaye
    •Paper ho par Result na aye
    •Class ho par Teachr na aye
    •Bus me baithe par School n jaye
    •Picnic jaye or Wapis na aye
    •Hafte me 3 din ho or fir Sunday aye
    •Sote rahe Dinbhar, Shaam ko Ghumne jaye
    •Hum bilkul na Padhe or Pass ho jaye

  157. The AJAY Prasad

    Heyy Why Sorry…..Achchha Hua Uski….Shaadi Hon Gayi…Warna…

    2 Shaal Badi Ladki Se Shaadi Karna Hota Mujhe…Usse

  158. Naina

    Jab pyar kiye the to shadi bhi to kar sakte the na

  159. The AJAY Prasad

    Woh Tumhari Trah Naina Naam Wali Hoti Toh Zaroor Karta….

  160. Naina

    Naina name kuch jyda hi pasand aa gya kya?

  161. The AJAY Prasad

    Haaan..Aur Tumhara Shayari Bhi.Isliye Toh Tumse Itna Baat Karta Hoon…Naina

  162. Naina

    Bas bas
    Tumhe nind nhi aa rhi kya?

  163. The AJAY Prasad

    .Nind…..Tumhe Bhi Toh Nahi Aa Rahi Na..Haina

  164. Naina

    Mujhe to late night jagne ki adat h kuch hafto se…..

  165. The AJAY Prasad

    Kuch Hafto..Se…

    Same Mera Bhi Kuch Hafto Se Aisa Hon Rahan Hain…..

    Waise Bf Se Jhgra Toh Nahi Hua Na Tumhara..

  166. Naina

    Wah mtlb copy karna jaruri h tumhara….
    Nah nah jhagra nhi hua h
    Bus nini nhi aati meko

  167. Naina

    आदत बऩा ली मैने
    खुद को तकलीफ देने की
    ताकि जब कोई आपना
    तकलीफ दे तो ज्यादा तकलीफ ना हो…

  168. Naseema

    Hii friendzzz




    Tabbu baby








    Sab ko good morning

  169. Sana naaz

    Kya ham sab ek sath whatspp me chat q nahi karsakte yaar .lic shre hosakti h kisiki awaz kisike jazabt. Upar maine dekha zoya ne kaha k rohn gana b gata hai singr banna chahta hai titanic ka song play kiya usne khud kj awz me to humsab wo sab sun nahi sakte.aise sabhi log st me rahe to ..

  170. The AJAY Prasad

    Sorryyy Naina….So Gaya Tha Main

    Hmmmmm……..And NicE Lines

  171. Zoya

    Hi baaji mera number aap lelo rohan se main apko whatsapp me milungi

  172. Naina

    Sana Naaz
    Sis idea to apka achha h
    But family problem ke wjh se
    Mai aisa nhi kar sakti hu….

    Hiii everyone
    Kaise ho sab
    It’s ok Ajay
    N thanks

    1. Sana naaz

      Koi na sis

  173. Naina

    Saara din soye
    Full night yeh jaage
    Haye lagdi ae rani raat ki
    Dil le gayi kudi…
    Dil le gayi
    Dil dil le gayi
    Dil le gayi kudi Gujarat ki
    O dil le gayi kudi.
    Dil le gayi kudi Gujarat ki
    O dil le gayi kudi Gujarat Di…

  174. Shivaay

    Bin Baat k hi Ruthne ki Aadat hai Tumhari,
    Kisi Apne k Sath Jine ki Aadat hai Humari,
    App Khush Rahe Humara Kya hai,
    Hum to Aaina Hain Tutne ki Aadat hai Humari.

  175. Naina

    Nice line Shivay….👌👌👌

  176. Shivaay

    लिखना था कि
    खुश हैं तेरे बगैर भी यहां हम,
    मगर कमबख्त…
    आंसू हैं कि कलम से
    पहले ही चल दिए।

  177. Shivaay

    Hllo naina ji
    Ap pahchan rhi ho meko?

  178. Alisha

    Shivaay jii Mai pahchn rhi hu apko 😜😜😜😜

  179. Naina

    Apko kya lagta h Shivaay
    Mai apko nhi pahchan paugi
    Aisa ho hi nhi sakta
    Apke icon se hi Jan gyi mai…

  180. The AJAY Prasad

    Lunch Hua Youe

    1. Naina

      Ha lunch ho gya …or tumhara

  181. Naina

    संता: कल मुझे 10 लोगों ने पीटा।
    बंता: फिर तूने क्या किया?
    संता: मैंने कहा सालों एक-एक करके आओ। बंता: फिर?
    संता: फिर क्या सालों ने एक-एक करके दोबारा पीटा।

  182. Naina

    अंग्रेज: इंडिया में सबसे ज्यादा बर्फ कहा पर गिरती है?
    संता: विस्की के ग्लास में!

  183. Naina

    संता: कल पापा कुंए में गिर गए बहुत चोट लगी बहुत चिल्ला रहे थे!
    बंता: अब वो कैसे है?
    संता: ठीक ही होंगे कल से कुंए से कोई आवाज़ नहीं आई!

  184. T.khan

    Hello frnds kaise ho sub

    Sana sis Sahi hai apka kehna but
    Family problem Hoti hai isliye nhi karsakte hai

    Jo site kuch frnds the ishu
    Sameer Bhai
    Noor kir kir inlog se bhi Mai baat Karti thi but family problem hone ki wajase nhi Karti hu

    Site Kabhi Kabhi Noor kir kir se baat hojati hai bs….

    Our batao sub kaise ho lunch huva ke nhi

    Shivaay ji ap old ho ya new jab se Mai aayi hu site per apko pehli bar Dekha hai maine

  185. T.khan

    Yr Naina sis ap aise Hindi Mai maat Likha karo yr mujhe bhi padhna hai mujhe Hindi nhi aati hi sis

  186. The AJAY Prasad

    Hmmmmmmm Hon Gaya….

  187. T.khan

    Ajay ji ek baat kahu apke comments read Kiya Maine uper

    Jab mohabbat suchi hoto

    Koi bada Hoya chota ye nhi souncha jata hai agar apko unse mohabbat thi to apne ye souncha kaise ki vo 2saal badi hai do Saal badi ladki se shadi Karni padhti thi,,,

    Aise nhi Bhai such apki baat se na Acha nhi laga

    & Mai bht kismat wali hu Jo mujhe aise insaan se rishte Mai judne wali hu Jo mujhse 1saal chota hai but Kabhi unho ne apne zuban per nhi late hai ke Mai unse badi hu…. Pyaar hojata hai Umar dekhkr nhi ya Surat dekhakar

    Apne mazak Mai Kahi ya serious hokar Kahi baat pata nhi but Achi nhi lagi to apko kehdiya jaha mohabbat ho vaha ye sub Maine nhi rakhta hai

    Sorry Ajay ji kuch galat kaha ho apko Bura laga ho to I’m sorry

  188. Maahi

    Hello guysss..
    Kaise ho aap sb?
    Good afternoon

  189. Alisha

    Hiiiiiiiiii frnds…

    Afternoon ni evening lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  190. Maahi

    Hattt re pglet😂😂

    1. Alisha

      Ni htttungi hta de dikhao 😜😜

  191. Maahi

    Koi frndz ni h yhan abi main hi hu badi wali lol.. Jhelna h toh jhelo meko warna nikal lo😜😜😂😂

  192. Alisha

    Mera hota ni tere bin guzara wo misss u innnnnnnnnnnaa Saaaara 😛😛

  193. Maahi

    Miss you too pglet😘😘😘😘
    Or mai hataane wali bi ni hu.. Bolti hu wo alag baat h😂😂 aap hattna bi ni jaise abi tk ni hatti meri life se bcz pglet i can’t live without you re😕😕

  194. Alisha

    Htungi toh wese b ni mai….

    But ik baat bolu.. 😛





    Ye misss u apke liye ni tha 😂😂😂😝😝😝😝😂😂😂

  195. Maahi

    Hahaha.. Meko pehle hi lga tha frr bi maine bol diya miss u too😏😏😂😂 koi naa.. Kbi toh yaad aayegi meri bi miss krogi meko bi aap😕

  196. Alisha

    Haayee re meri motto… Apke lie hi tha bs mazak kr rhi thi mai 🙈🙈🙈

  197. Maahi

    Ab kuchh bi keh lo mai ni maanneee wali😏😕
    Badi mottooo👊👊😏😏

    1. Alisha

      Maan Le mottiii… Chocolate dungi 😛😛 😛

  198. Alisha

    Zindagi di Paudi jithe tk chadenge tere naal chadenge dukh hove sukh hove dhup chahe chaan tere Naal khadenge

  199. Shivaay

    Wahh re naina ji
    Icon se pahchan gyi
    Mujhe lga nam se pahchan pachi but apki yaddash to bhut tej h

    Alisha ap ku pahchanti ho meko

    1. Alisha

      Mai kyuu btau.. Apko kyu pahchanti hu…

      Bhoot 😜😜

  200. Maahi

    Jithe vi rahaange khush hi rahaange dukh aaya koi ohde naal ladaange..🤗🤗❤❤

  201. Shivaay

    Pahchan paogi*

  202. Naina

    Kya sis hum Hindi me hi to bat karte h
    WO bhi apko samjh nhi aati
    Nah nah meri yaaddash inne v tej nhi h yll

    1. T.khan

      Aare Naina sis Mera MATLAB ye hai ke

      Apne shayari Hindi Mai likhi hai na vo kehri hu

      1. Naina

        Hmmm samjh rhi sis😛
        But hum use English WOrd ka kare h
        Pr bat to Hindi me hi kar rhe h to
        Fir Hindi क्यू (kyu) samjh nhi aa rha h

  203. Shehzaada 💗

    Meri Mohabbat 💖 vvvv….!!

    Mujhse 7 Saal Bari Thi yl…!!

    Par Usko Kabhi Aisa Mehsus

    Na HOnediya K wOh Bari Haiii….!

    UskO Tu Tu kalke hi Baat Kalta Tha

    But She Is NoT alive In The “WORLD”😓😓😓😓


    Every Night In my Dreams
    I See You, I Feel You
    That Is How I Know You go on

    1. Naseema

      Oh kya hua matlab samjhi nahi rohan

  204. Maahi

    Ni apna Choco aap khud rakho..Maine ni maannaaa maine ni lena badi motto😏😏

  205. Maahi

    Yeh zameen ruk jaaye aasmaan jhuk jaaye tera chehra jab nazar aaye tu ijaazat de agar tujhse thoda pyaar main kar loon jaane jaan baith mere saamne khaali dil khaali nazar bhar loon jaane jaan….

  206. Maahi

    Hawaaon se tera pata poochti hoon
    Ab toh aaja tu kahin se
    Parindon ki tarah yeh dil hai safar mein
    Tu mila de zindagi se

    Bas itni ilteja
    Tu aake ik dafa
    Jo dil ne na kahaa
    Jaan le…

    Yeh mausam ki baarish
    Yeh baarish ka paani
    Yeh paani ki boondein
    Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
    Yeh milne ki khwahish
    Yeh khwahish purani
    Ho poori tujhi se
    Meri yeh kahaani…

  207. Naina

    Osm song babu



    Na Koi Kisi Se Door Hota Hai Na Koi Kisi Se Qareeeb Hota Hai,
    Mohabbat Khud Chal Kar Aati Hai Jab Koi Kisi Ka Naseeb Hota Hai

  208. Maahi

    Thanks nainuuu
    Nyc lines👌👌

    1. Naina

      Ty ji

  209. noor

    hii koi hai yha jo meko nhi jnta ho 😜

  210. Alex


    wassup ? noor..

  211. noor

    blood pina hua apka

  212. Alex

    haa ho gya. pr ek ko bola tha i wanna to kill her but she said no😂😂😂. aahh. her badluck😂😂😂

    mukti mil jaati mere hatho se mar ke. 😁😂😂

    1. Naina

      Name bhi le lo na ap
      Kiska badluck tha ya goodluck

  213. noor

    😄😄 usne mna kiya apke hatho marne se kuki vo mere hatho se marna chahta hai
    kuki hell ki queen bnne vli hu apko hta ke

  214. Alex

    hahaha Queen. in dreams 😂😂

    mera replacement nhi hai yr koi..

    i told you before, remember? Hell ki existance hi mujhse hai,😂😂😂

  215. Alex

    mai nhi to hell nhi😂😂

  216. noor

    agr ap aisa sochte ho to ap bilkul bhi shi nhi ekdm glt ho
    abtk yha mai nhi thi na isliye ap king the hell ke ab mai a gyi apna transfer kra lijiye heaven me 😈😈😈

  217. Alex

    Heaven. ..jaise jagah suit nhi krti mujhe.

    Satan akela rahta hai😈😈

  218. noor

    acha to ap aisi jghe jao jaha koi na ho koi means koi nhi 😜
    aisi jghe hai milegi to btaiyega

  219. Alex

    Ji jarur..

    okay now. its enough. lets talk about something else..

    i am feeling bored

  220. noor

    ok to ap apne bre me kuch bataiye
    jaise ki ap kya krte hain apki hobbie kya hai

  221. Alex

    Naam me kya rakha hai Naam lena jaruri hai kya..

    Hai kisi ka badluck jisne mana kr di 😐

    1. Naina

      Ab jiski bate ho rhi
      To name Lena zaruri h khadus

  222. Alex

    oo o ye kya puch liya tumne…

    krta kuch nhi hu ghar me baith ke khata hu,,😂😂. baap ke paise pe aish..😂

    well, jald hi kuch krne waala hu khud ke dam pr

    aur hobby to kuch khas nhi hai

    cyber security me interest hai to sikhta bhi hu aur sikhata bhi hu mere students bhi hai..
    aur. programmer hu aur deep learning kr rha hu.. artificial inteligence me. jald hi khud kuch bada hoga😀😀 technology ki field me hope so..

  223. Maahi


  224. noor

    ap ho kaha se
    nd ap movies dekhte hain ya nhi 😅

  225. noor

    maahi dii ap sirf dekhogi ya bologi bhi kuch ya jasusi krna hai 😂😂

  226. Maahi

    Jasusi krna h noor👀😜😜

  227. Alex

    f**ck. mere msg posg nhi ho rhe

  228. Alex

    mai is dharti ka nhi hu..

    is dharti pe Avtaar hu mai.😂😂

    I am from the heart of india (central india) M.P.

    movies hollywood ki dekhta hu bollywood ki movies mujhe pasand nhi logic hi nhi hota yr kuch bhi…bollywood industry porn industry banati jaa rhi hai..
    tumne notice to kiya hi hoga har movie me ek Item song jarur hona chahiye. ch*tiye hai sab ..

  229. noor

    acha vo ku ,nd kisne bheja hai apko
    aur ap jasusi kr kiski rhi ho 😄😄
    aur apne dinner kiya na

  230. Naina

    Jasusi ke sath sath
    Bate v kar lo na

  231. Alex

    Pl. meli malzi…naam lu ya na lu..

    mujhe to nhi lagta ki naam lena jaruri hai miss Naina😑,😏😏

    jisko bola wo samjh jayegi

    usne mere hatho se marne se mana kiya. 😂😂😂. jeewan safal ho sakta tha uska..😂😂😂 ab shayad nhi haha

    1. Naina

      Jao ylll
      Aaye bade zivan safal karne wale
      Chindi Satan😜😜😜😂😂😂

  232. noor

    ok to apko kaisi movie pasand hai horror action etc etc hollywood ki
    mai bhi dekhti thi hollywood movie phle but study ki wjhe se ab nhi dekhti

  233. Alex

    horror, action,science fiction, superpowers,. mostly to science fiction pe hi based hoti hai hollywood ki movies, and sometimes magical harry potter to bahut baar dekha hu uske pure parts dekh liyA

    love story waali kabhi kabhi ..

  234. noor

    gud nyt my all frnds
    sd tc

  235. Naina

    Chhoti si Hai Zindagi Khushi Se Jiyo..
    Ghum Mein Kya Rakha Hai Maze Se Sar Utha ke Jiyo..
    Udaasi Kya Cheez Hai Bas Muskura ke Jiyo..
    Apne Lye Na Sahi Apno ke Liye Jiyo …!!

    1. Alex

      rhymes nhi jami..

      maja nhi aaya

  236. Alex

    Kaha jau yr aadhi raat me ..

    ha jeewan safal ho jaata but afsos

    yr 12 baj gye noor

    mujhe human sacrifice chahiye 😂😂😂. ab to mera hi time hai..

  237. Alex

    I think sab लुढ़क chuke hai..

    Good night. ..

  238. ☺️


  239. Maahi

    Hello koi h?

  240. Alisha

    Hiiiii bccha log…

  241. Maahi

    Jldi se aa jao koi ho toh.. Warna mai ludhak jaungi😂

  242. Maahi

    Hello babu..wlcm😘
    Dinner ki aap?

  243. ☺️

    Kaise ho dadii log

  244. Maahi

    Thik h dida..aap btao?

  245. Alisha

    Acche h bccha…. Ap btao??

    Haa dnnr ho gya kb ka frr se bhuk LG gyi ab toh 😂😜

  246. Maahi

    Sb gayab🙄🙄

  247. ☺️

    Hm be thik hai…sb gayab hogaye

  248. Maahi

    Babu bhuk lgi h toh khaalo na kuchh..Thoda meko bi khila dena khaayi ni hu achhe sw😂😂😂

  249. Maahi

    Mai yhi hu.. Or sbka ni pta😂

  250. Alisha

    Uper Mt dekho…

    Piche dekho piche… Piche toh dekho 😂😂😂😂

  251. Maahi

    Mere peechhe kuchh ni h😜😜 jo mai pichhe dekhu pglet😂

  252. Ali3

    Mai b yhi hu… 🙆‍♀️

    Apko bhuk Lgi h toh mera Dimaag kha lo

  253. Alisha

    Pura name b ni typ hua or post ho gya comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  254. Maahi

    Haayee re meri jaan aapka dimaag kb ni khaati hu saare din whi kaam rehta h..😜😜😂😂but abi dimaag ni khana kuchh or khila do na
    Ali kon h ab😂😂😂😂

  255. Maahi

    Haayee mera ali meri jaan.. Kahan the tum? Mile ni itte din se jldi se aao😜😜😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  256. Alisha

    Lgta h dar tu chhor na jaye… Jaye toh janam sang le jaaye, dil ki h dhadkan aankho ka deedar khud se jyda tujhe krte h Pyaar..

  257. Alisha

    Dimaag ni khana toh kya mukka khaogi 😜

    Haa dekho Ali3 h bs Ali ni h 😂😂😂

  258. Maahi

    Fav song babu..Kiske liye h?👌👌😍😍
    Sun soniye sun dildaar rab se se bi zyada tujhe krte h pyaar tu hi khuda tu mera sansaar khud se bi zyada tujhe krti hu pyaar…❤

  259. Alisha

    Star Bhaag gyi na… 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  260. Maahi

    Arey khana khila do kuchh hme mukka hi rehta h mere liye aapka😏😏

    Ni ab toh ali ho tum mere liye😜😜😂😂

  261. Maahi

    Star ka net slow hogya😂😂
    Or wo hum dono ko privacy de rhi h yrr dekho na kitni achhi h😜😜

  262. Alisha

    Meko ni chahiye koi privacy…
    Drti hu kya kisi se 😂😂😂😂😂

  263. Maahi

    Darti toh mai bi ni ab toh bilkul bi ni.. Jo hona tha hogya😂😂😂😂😂😂 but kbi kbi koi khud se privacy de toh rakh lena chahiye smjhi jaana😜😜

  264. Maahi

    Babu listen na kbi jo hum dono contact me ni rahe na toh aap ye site pr ek comment kr dena mil jaaungi main..idea achha h

    Waise toh aisa hoga ni kbi i knw.. Chahen jo ho hm hmesha saath rhenge🤗🤗

  265. Maahi

    Babu aap bi bhaag gyi😕😕

  266. Maahi

    Love you babu😘😘 Good night sd tc🤗
    Good night sd tc dida
    Good night sd tc all..

  267. Alisha

    Are sorry motto bhutt bhuk Lgi thi toh chli gyi..kha pi kr a gyi ache se😛😛😛

    Or hm hmesha rhenge contact me hi ittu c Dimaag me itta jyda Mt socho 😜

    Gud night love u too 😘 😘
    Gud night frndss..

  268. Naseema

    Good night.

  269. Maahi

    Achha ji babu ki bacchi meko akele chhor ke aap khaane chali gyi thi or meko khilaayi bi ni aap kuchh badmaash kahin kii😏
    Waise Good wali morning badi motto😘😘

  270. Maahi

    Good morning guysss

  271. Shivaay

    बेखयाली में भी तेरा ही खयाल आए
    “क्यूँ बिछड़ना है ज़रूरी?” ये सवाल आए
    तेरी नज़दीकियों की ख़ुशी बेहिसाब थी
    हिस्से में फ़ासले भी तेरे बेमिसाल आए…

  272. The AJAY Prasad

    Hiii Everry One

    1. Jiya

      Every one mtlab kis kis ko
      Tu to kehta tha ki bas naina se hi baat karne aata hu

    2. T.khan

      Hi Ajay ji

      Baki sub ko bhi hello kaise ho

  273. Naina

    Meri raahein tere tak hain
    Tujhpe hi toh mera haq hai
    Ishq mera tu beshaq hai
    Tujhpe hi toh mera haq hai

    Saath chhodunga na tere piche aaunga
    Chheen lunga ya Khuda se maang laaunga
    Tere naal taqdeeran likhwaunga
    Main tera ban jaaunga
    Main tera ban jaaunga

    Sonh teri main kasam yehi khaunga
    Kitte waadeya nu umra nibhaunga
    Tujhe har waari apna banaunga
    Main tera ban jaaunga
    Main tera ban jaaunga

  274. Naina

    Ek Din Jab Meri Sans Band Ho Jayegi
    Mat Sochna Ki Chahat Kam Ho Jayegi
    Fark Sirf Itna Hoga Aaj Hum Aapko Yaad Karte Hai Kal Meri Yaad Aapko Rulayegi.

  275. Naina

    Inna sannata kyu h ylll

  276. Shivaay

    Kuki ap ho yha

    1. Naina

      Mai hu to sannata nhi na hona chahiye yl

  277. Shivaay

    Main wo nahi jo tujhe dukh mein chhod doonga,
    Main wo nahi jo tujhse rishta tod doonga,
    Main wo hoon jo tham jaaye saanse teri agar,
    To apni bhi saans chhod doonga…

    1. Naina

      Wah Ji shivaay gjb

  278. The AJAY Prasad

    Kaisi Hon T Khaan….

    Hey…NainA….Itni Sad Lines Dogi Toh …
    .Samne Wala…Ko Lagega
    ..Tumhe Kisi Ne Cheat Kiya

  279. Maahi

    Hello guysss

    1. Naina

      Hi barish do

  280. Naina

    Samne wale ko kuch v lagega to
    Sahi me thodi na ho jayega
    Or reason to apko pta hi h
    Achha tum free ho kya????

  281. Maahi

    Hello baarish ni h😂😂

  282. Naina

    OK mai v apke liye invisible ho gyi😢

  283. Maahi

    But meko dikh rhi ho😂😂😜😜

  284. Naina

    Dil ka rona Dil ka sisakana hai baki
    Abhi teri khushiyon ki khatir Mera mitna hai baki….

  285. noor

    hii koi nhi hai

  286. Sana naaz


  287. Kiri

    Lallantop gana 😄
    Boy: na bole tum, na maine kuch kaha kaha..
    Girl: magar na jane aisa kyun laga laga
    Boy: k dhoop mein khila h chand or din mein raat ho gayi..
    Girl: k pyaar ki bina kahe sune hi baat ho gayi❤😘

  288. Alex

    Kaha ho jhuti ladki

  289. Naina

    Hii dosto

  290. The AJAY Prasad


    Haan Ab Free Hoon…..

  291. Jiya

    Agay teri naina

    1. Naina

      Teri Naina ka kya mtlb h sis
      Ap dono ke jok jhok me meko mat laya karo

      Rajnandani wale me sab cmnt karo

  292. The AJAY Prasad

    Hmmmmmmm Naina……..Aao Walan Tum Bhi

  293. Amaya khan

    Ahmmmmm is sty ka previous part pdh kr me kuch or soch rhi thi but wo nhi hua any way destiny ko to change nhi kr skte hum but aap dono bhut mature ho seriously aap dono ne apni friendship nd love ko bhut he beautifully handle kiya h ahmmm mujhe aapki sty bhut unique nd achiiiiiii lgi .agr ho ske to aage bhi sty post krte rhna apni lyf k bare me

    1. Sam

      hehe…thanks…. I don’t know if i can write more….i use to write for my love but now i don’t have anything to write on..

  294. Sanny



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