Title- \’Be in love- live a life\’ – Arpit Sharma

Friends, First I wanna thank all of you for posting your experience of love here. I am following this blog from a long time but today I thought to post my own story, its not complete yet but I will let you know of any progress.

It strats from here- I was in last year of my degree, this January only, I accidenty met a girl on facebook. I was totally
depressed and sad those days because one month back, I lost my sweet loving younger sister (please pray for her). I was skipping my placement-interviews, not talking to friends.. totally, was not in myself.

I started chatting to this girl, her name is Shweta. She, though unknowingly, brought me back into myself in less than one month. I started working like normal, started working on my thesis. In starting, we both agreed to remain friends only. But from inside, I started loving her. We exchanged our numbers, funny thing is that on the very first call, I told her not to think of me as your boyfriend as I am talking to you on phone in nights. We became very good friends.

In April mid (after two and half months), we decided to meet first time. That time was the last time of my thesis (project) so I couldnt manage to go for shopping from a long time, I didn’t cut my hairs, they were unmanagable, but along with being stupid, I was very eager to meet her. I couln’d sleep that night. I went to her city (Lucknow) next morning, I lived in Kanpur that time. She was with her friends, We all spent 4-5 hours in a mall.

After meeting her, I became totally mad for her. I didnt take her photo that day but I exactly remember her face and that smile (Oh god! I will die thousand times for that). I proposed her on phone but she stopped me. She reminded me that we were friends only. She loves someone else. but I was not bother of it as I just love her, nothing else, so that I said. Days passed on, one day she agreed that she is also in love with me. We talked a lot after that, you dont believe, we were talking whole night, from 10pm to 6 am daily. I am a career oriented guy so I had to work for my thesis also, but I was not able to stop myself talking to her. SO, to manage all these things, I was just sleeping 2-3 hours daily, really. (I dont know, from where I was getting the energy, may be this is called love).

This thing continues for some days and one day suddenly, she stopped talking, She refused to give any reason to me, after forcing, she just repeatedly said that she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. I couldn’t figure out any solid reason for that till now but I think, she thought our relationship (friendship or whatever) against of her parents or career or else she just dont love me. One thing I surely say that she likes me as a friend a lot, or she loves me but unable to take descisions. I dont want anything from her just to be with her. I am waiting for her return.

Before that day, her younger sister was freely talking to me but after taht, she also doesnt want to talk to me, she says that she just doesnt want to talk in this matter.

Something is stopping both of them and what is that, I couldnt figure out. I kept her messaging and calling time to time, she replied or talked but not in that manner. Last time, we properly talked was May. But I still meet her in my dreams. We met only once but she feels to me like she is mine. Now, everytime, I think of her only, I dont feel ‘OK’ because I miss her a lot and she knows it very well.

I am not sad or something depressed, but really want her in my life, whether as a firend or something else. I am waiting for her.

In future, she will be reading this story, I know, so I want to say her one thing that I love you like hell. I am very happy that you came into my life though it was only for some days. I am gonna live whole of my life with those moments. I will complete each and every promise I made to you.

Sorry firends, but I dont want you to wish for me or her because she is the best girl I have ever met and I will not let her go away. I will fight against all the conditions just for being with her, she knows it, she accepts it. Whatever is the reason of her behaviour, I will figure it out eventually and dont let God to make us apart.

I know, this has become very long to read but God knows, how long it is going to be in the end. But, I will stand.


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4 thoughts on “Title- \’Be in love- live a life\’ – Arpit Sharma”

  1. I can understand your situation, jis daur se tum guzar rahe ho usi daur se main bhi guzar rahi hu bus fark itna hai tumne use bata diya you love her aur na he main bata saki aur na he wo bus dekhte he dekht ek dusre se bina kahe dur ho gaye but main sache dil se pray karungi tumhe tumhara pyaar mil jaye .

  2. muhabat aik ehsas jo dil se dil ka hai..chehra ki koe meaning nahe muhabat main..smile,thousand time die,ek bar milne se pyar,fb pe chat se feeling aana..is dat what u call love?

  3. @wafa, No, I dont call it love what I have described here, love is beyond words and I couldnt describe it in words but smile, thousand time die, ek bar milne se pyaar, fb pe chat se feeling aana etc they are not love in total but its vice-versa, they can be symptoms of love. I am kinda boy who has lived in a global environment, have talked to many girls on fb, met not many but a few girls but the things I am searching in a girl, she covers all. Apart from it, there are many personal things I couldnt share. I lived my life like living with her, she only gave me the power to dream thats why I dont want to loose her. Whatever you say but the truth is that just a little info about her from her sister makes my day either up or down. I dont know what to name those feelings but I think every moment about her, yes, every moment.

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