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Hi I am gulab,
Before 2 yrs. Ago I talked to a guy about on the month of november. We met at yahoo messenger chat room at calcutta locals 2 room. His id I can’t tell. & mine is [email protected]. At first when he started msging me then I avoid him. But again and again he msgd me and me also. Then he gave me his mob number and told me 2 call him. I promised him that “I will call you” , but I didn’t. 
One day me and my bro went 2 a P.C.O. booth for calling him. At ast we called him and told him my name is rani mehta and his id name was pace kumar, so we called him in a short form “P.K.”. That day we talked over 10 minutes. Then I told him that again I will online in messenger at 9 pm. Tomorrow. But I can’t online next day for my lesson. 
Next day in evening again I was online about at 8 pm in my father’s office. I saw that he was offline. I called him in that moment and told him 2 come 2 online, and he came. We talked 2 each other through chating. In that time he said me 2 give him my mob number, but I didn’t agree. Thinking of many things I gave him our office landline number and told him 2 call that number. He called that moment and around 5 or 10 minutes we talked each other. 
Next day in evening I was online and called him and told that “I will call him at 12 am. at night. May be he couldn’t believe that I will call him. At last I called him exact 12 am at night, he surprised and couldn’t believe that I can call him ever. So, I told him “my name is rani mehta and my age is 20. He believed it and around 6 to 7 hrs. we talked together. 
I felt odd when we couldn’t talk at night time. Even one night he challenged me that he would come in kolkata for meet with me. I thought that he told me lie. But no, he said it really. We planned that how and where we can meet. In december month may be he went 2 his village (Bihar). From there he came 2 kolkata. The day when he came 2 kolkata, I bought a wrist watch for him, that day I was ready for meet with him and he also. In ballygunge phari at Birla mandir we met each other, means my cousin, my bro and my sis. First time I felt nothing. We visited in Birla museum, then he told me that he want 2 do shopping from here. At last we wen t 2 bazar kolkata in gariahat. From there he bought a t-shirt and a ¾ th pant. After that we went for a dinner 2 bhajohori manna restaurant. We enjoyed so much. But before going 2 pune he was upset so much only I realized that thing. He told me that he want 2 tell me something but for lack of time he couldn’t. That day he gifted me a precious pen and a greeting s card which is so precious for me. 
After reaching in pune he and his frnds told me that why I didn’t give him my own photo. Actually the thing is they want 2 see me nothing else. I always get fear that my pic is very precious for me so why I give my pic to someone? Hearing that he angered with me and I thought that he was not unknown for me. I knew him and he knew me and I mailed him my 2 pics. After mailing I felt a loveable fellings, I felt that who was waiting for me through many many years I got him. Slowly slowly he understood me and me also. Every day in the morning he woke up by my call at 6 am. 
One day means on 29th January,2009, he told me at night, he wanted to tell me something. I realized that really did he like me ever? When I listened something from him I felt that he wanted 2 say something 2 me and then he told me that at night of 30th jan, he wanted 2 say something. I realized. From morning 2 till night I waited for his call. At last which I thought about him, that was right. Yes, he proposed me that day and I surprised , because before of this any guy didn’t really love me in my life. But I got him. At first I denied him that I can’t accept him bcoz of my family problem. Listening that he felt very much sad and cut the call. After that again he called me and I accepted his proposal. He couldn’t believe that I told him that “ I LOVE YOU”… from that day I was a part of life for him but untill many times I didn’t felt that he is really someone special for me. 
Many months after he again met with me also with my cousin, my bro, and my sis. That day also we enjoyed too much. Next day we had planned that I made for him cheez paranthas. And kaju paneer, at last I made for him and we went in a hotel and he ate that. Then he was gone 2 pu.. i discussed with my bhabs at my room. 
Third time we planned that we would gone 2 digha beech. I agreed with his opinion. We went there and stay a whole day. At first we went to the beech.. then we reached at room. After fresh we satyed together. He weared me a ring and me also. In evening we finished our dinner and drank together. Reachig at room I felt so sleepy and then we slept . In mid night we woke up and talk to each went to my home. Next day I went to meet with him bcoz he was going to his village. We enjoyed so much that day. Also I went to see him off, and while he leaved me alone I felt so lonely. I cried that day very much and he also. 

Fourth time, in 27th November we met in howrah station. Actually I received him. Then we went to a hotel. We stayed there at night. Next day he went to his village. 

Fifth time in 11th march we met in front of hotel. We stayed a whole day and night. He gifted me a sweet nighty which is blue colour. I weared that and finished our lunch. At night we tried to cross our limits but doesn’t. in the morning again we tried,, bt failed. Next day morning he called his a friend who stays in kolkata. We went to KFC for lunch. After 3 hrs. we returned back to hotel then we tried I.C. but that time also failed. Next day he went to pune through flight at 5 pm. I went with him to the airport in first time. Then he went and I also went my room.

But this time in 22nd april while he met with me he informed me that in sealdah he searched a room and he told me that I might come there. I went by taxi and finally we met there. We went there and finished our lunch. But that day we tried to I.C. and finally done that thing. But the thing is I have broke my hymen and bleed continuously. He brought me some pads for protecting but that didn’t work. Around 2 hrs I stayed with him bcoz he decided to go to his home. At 6 pm he went to the station and I went to my room but my bleeding was continued. I called him then and he told me that he didn’ get any train for going to his village. Until that time I was nervoused and told to my mumma that in a taxi I faced an accident for that my periods was started. But in that time bleeding can’t be continued. That day I faced a problem which is not faced ever any girl. That time I needed him so much but my whole family stayed with me. At mid night at 3:30am I admitted in hospital in emergency corner. Doctor called to nurse and told her that she would come in the morning 8 am. Next day she came and asked me that for accident in taxi bleeding from vagina is impossible. She also told me that if I told her lie the treatment would wrong. Didn’t thinking anything I told everything to the doctor and she said me that I needed an operation immediately. At 9 am she started operation . I didn’t know what was she do bla bla bla… I missed him so much bcoz he is my life, my soul.. he lives in my pulse. At that time I thought him every second, every minutes and every hour even when I busy. More than I, anyone cannot loves him. I guaranteed. Now what I should I do????? I don’t know.. my family and his family do not agree of my relationship. So I don’t know. My life is full of tragedy. I want to going to hell.

*****Love you JAAN******

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