My secret love – Avni

Hey,, it’s me Avni… Lets make u knw somethng about me.. I m a very simple,, mad,, stupid,, and honest girl… I want to share my story…. I had a boyfrnd.. Bt our relation ws nt seccessful.. After 1 year of our relationship we decided to make a end of this.. I was so upset for our brkup… I ws totally lost.. I jst used to cry everydy for 4mnth after brkup.. Bt here my lyf chnged… I had my old schl frnd, Aditya, with me… That tym, he ws alwys with me to make me smile… Slowly slowly i used to forget my x-byfrnd,, and also understood that he ws nt mytrue beloved one…. Atlast i forgot him… After that,, i made myself so busy with Adi.. We alwys used to talk,, used to meet,,.. We shared our lyf secrets with each other…. He became my bst frnd soon,, & he also treated me lyk a special one in his lyf.. He alwys took care for me,, he never left me alone.. By this situations,, i made myself understood that i didn’t have to fall in love again… I made my mnd that Adi ws only my frnd,, he couldn’t be anythng else.. Bt i couldn’t make myself understnd any longer.. Soon i realized that i ws in love with him… I used to care for him more than anyone,, i used to show my possessiveness… And he even didn’t knw that what ws going on in my hrt.. I didn’t tell him anythng about my feelings… Still i have nt done that.. Bcoz the main thng is that,,, he has a grlfrnd.. And he loves her so mch.. I dnt want to dstrb their relationship for my own sake… Yes.! I love him alot.. I love him more than anythng,, more than anyone.. Bt I cnt tell him.. Actually I should nt… Even I tried hard to live without him… Lst mnth i tried to leave him.. I told him to get out of my lyf and to leave me.. Bt i ws unable to do that.. So i went back to him, and told him sorry,, and prmsd him that i would never try again to leave him.. And he forgave me.. Now i really cnt live without him.. Bcoz he is my lyf.. And he is my true beloved one.. I hv no expections frm him,, no conditions,,.. I know we cnt be together… And he wl nt love me ever.. Though i love him so mch… I wl nt leave his hand.. I jst wanna be with him,,, and jst want to love him,, and jst want to take alot of care of him… So this is my story guys……. Tell somethng about this.

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