My Love Story – Amit

Have you ever met someone who is just a stranger, and fall in love with in minutes, hours, or days an while you’re getting to know more about this person, your feelings get stronger and stronger as you talk together. I have met this perfect stranger. I have walked and talked with my love, you could say love at first sight, who would ever stop to think that i would, because this stranger has my heart in his hand he has my happiness on his lips
I don’t know, I don’t care if you believe in love at first sight or not, but to me anything is possible when it come to love. My life if fading away just because of this one girl. Girls seem to be something that is really important in life, without them, you wouldn’t be able to be here. No matter whom you are, what you are, and how you feel, girls will always be there to let you tell them your story or stay by your side and care for you. But why would girls want to help you out? They help you out because they are not as cruel as the boys, but they are as lovely as an angel that knows how you feel and how to make you happy. I was going to go to a new city where I can start my own life. But fate had decided that I can’t go to this new city, but to stay in this old city of mine.
Well, it started all of a sudden. Well, I didn’t expected I’ll fall in love with him. Actually, that time, I was so deeply, hopelessly in love, It was my first time to experience loves someone I haven’t seen; I don’t have the idea of how she looks like or how good she is I realized it was love I’m feeling for him, and I hate it. I promise myself not to fall in love for someone.
The day that I met him will be a day that I will never forget. I was at work the day that I met him. I work at a Big Bazaar. He was coming in Big Bazaar 4 shopping.
Hi this is Amit. I wanna say something about my love. Kindly read it and answer me. I am from an upper middleclass family. My father is doing a job in PVT LTD Company and my mum is a house wife. At that time I was doing a job in Delhi. I saw a girl whose name was Geetika first time, where I was doing the job, on 26th December 2002 at 9pm 45 min &17 sec. She smiled & went off. Then it dawned on me what I was doing. I tried to laugh it out, but somehow I kept on thinking about her. After a hour or so fighting against my mind, I decided to give up & search for her But I wasn’t knowing that she would become a part of my life and now I am in such a position that I can’t survive without her. I am totally mad about her. Because at that I time I didn’t used to talk to girls coz I think every girls are one type i.e. unfaithful. But when I met her my mind got totally changed and my thinking has also been changed. When I met her, talked to her, knew about her and made her my friend then I realized I felt in her love. When my friends asked me to propose her I didn’t had enough confidence to do so & after that an incident happened which shouldn’t had to be. She told me that she was the only lamp of her home and she loved her parents a lot. She further told me that her parents completed each and every dreams and wants of hers. And in return they also have some dreams about her and her marriage. I think this way of her thinking was the most important thing about her which I liked the most and I went deeper & deeper in her love.
After what happened, I feel so hurt and betrayed, I lose my confidence. I felt so ugly as if no one would ever dare to love me for who I am. Why does it hurt me? I convinced myself that I should not love him coz I don’t know him completely but evrything happens for a reason. I realized that God wants me to experience love for the first time and be able to overcome it alone, without my family, someone close to me. It was not my fault why it happened. I’ve done my part, but I guess he’s not worth it.
This girl that I’d fall in love with, even though I don’t know her that well, but my hearts and my feelings seemed strange. I’d been through all these love but I had never had a feeling like this. To me, this girl is like a perfect 10 girl to me, she’s seemed so perfect at every point. She’s beautiful, smart, cute, attractive, but one problem is that I don’t know how her attitude is like. But even though her attitude is awful, I will always love her. She’s the only one that will always be in my heart, no matter how many girls out there are much better than her, but she will be the only One I Love It’s also because of her that my life is fading. I can’t think at all, my mind is like totally mindless. All I can think is her, not unless there’s something that I have to think about, otherwise it would be her that will always be on my mind. My life had been depressed because I don’t know what I did wrong that makes her seem to be mad at me.
When I met her I don’t know what happened to me I was looking at her only, I even forgot that I was on my job at that time. At that time I just desired to see her only and when she proceeded to depart I don’t know what had happened to me tears came out of my eyes after five minutes of her departure I felt that I would become mad. Then I thought that I don’t know her but at least a last time I could see her so I ran towards the parking plot. She was keeping her things in the car. She also saw me and went to the café with her mom. I just stayed her and was looking at her only. When she saw me out of the café she called me. I gathered my whole confidence and went near her and we went on the first floor. There wasn’t anyone there. Now what would I do I wasn’t able to talk to her and at that time I don’t know from where one of my friend came there. He was also doing a job like me. He saw both of us and asked me that Amit, What are you doing here, go she is waiting for you. I told her that I know buddy that she is waiting 4 me but I don’t have the power 2 talk to her. She came to know that. After that my friend went from there. then I gathered courage and took a piece of paper and wrote my name and mobile number on that. Then She came to me with a little bad news that he was leaving Now. I was not going to let him get away without letting him know how I felt about him. On the last day that I would see him, I gave him a card. Inside the card it said that it was a pleasure to meet you and to hang out with you. I will miss you and then I gave him my phone number to call me and let me know how he was getting along. About a week later I find a card in the mail from him. His card said that he hopes that our relationship won’t end. Then and there I knew that I was in love with him. I hope and pray that we can get together soon. I know that if it is meant to be it will be. But I do know one thing it is love at first sight. I love him. Then after I kept that paper near her. I don’t know whether she t! ook the paper or not and I started to escape from there. Then I came to listen a sweet voice. I looked back and she told me, “Amit do want to say something to me?” I told her, “No why?” Then she told me that no you are staring at me since a long and also following me why? What is the reason? I told her that nothing then she told me that none the boys would be so mad to follow a girl in such a sizzling cold, what is the matter? I told her that I don’t want to say anything to you then she told me that are you sure that you don’t wanna say anything to me? I replied that no I don’t wanna say anything you may go now. She told me as you wish and started to go. Then I thought that atleast I can ask her name. Again I gathered some courage and called her. She came and I told that mam I just wanted to know your name so she started laughing and told that for this only you followed me? I told her that yes mam and she told me that her name is Geetika not mam and I could call her with her name and not mam.
I told ok mam and she became furious on that and told me that I am Geetika and not mam. After that I told that you may go now then she told me that you wanted to ask my name only? And again started to go I again called then she came and told me not to call mam. I told her that sorry it is my habit to call mam. So she told me that you can call mam to any girl women but not me and further asked me the reason for calling again. And on that I asked for her mobile number then she told me that listen Amit I live in hostel and you may be knowing that mobile are not allowed in hostels so I don’t have any mobile phone with me. Yes I have your mobile number and I promise that I will call you. It will take some time but it’s sure that I will call you. I told that it’s ok please go now your mom will be waiting for you. She told me ok bye and went away and I sat there only with upset mind. I didn’t even came to know when she came again and stood near me. She told me that Amit you are really a very nice guy and started to go and on this I started dancing with joy and she looked behind and went away laughing.
I was just a suitor, and a friend to her. Maybe there was something lacking on me or maybe she just wants me to be her friend and that’s it. Many times I wish that she will be my girlfriend and that she will be my wife someday.
After she went I realized that what is known an waiting, After she went I began to think that will she call me? Then I remembered that she told that it will take some time will surely call me. After her departure I waiter for her call but she didn’t. In this waiting 5 days passed then I thought that she won’t call now. Then also I was waiting for her call. When 10 days passed I was sure that now she will not call and I began to convince my heart I should be happy with the blissful moments of our first and the last meet.
First time in my life I was thinking about a girl so much. What has happened to me why I am so much upset, why I am thinking about her so much? I can’t understand what has happened to me. After all what was special in that girl that I am thinking about her every now and then. Now onward whenever I see a girl I could see her face in that. Whenever I saw I girl I used to flirt with her. But I have even forgot myself in her memories. What is this what has happened to me? Why m I thinking about her so much. Although, I don’t know even that she will call me or not? But I still have faith that she will surely call me. But she will call really. The person who even didn’t used to think about anyone has became mad in the memories of a girl. After all what was in that girl that I even forgot myself. Now I can’t sleep or eat anything. Is it love? No it can’t be love. I cannot concentrate on my job also. I can’t forgot her.

WO kehte hai Na ki
Na Jane Us Pe Itna Yakin Kyu Hai,
Us Kya Khayal Bhi itna Hasin Kyu Hai,
Suna Hai Pyar Ka Dard Meetha Hota Hai,
To Aankh Se Nikalte Ye Aansu Namkeen Kyu Hai.
Today is 14th January, 19 days have been passed since I met her but still no call from her side has been received. 14th January has always been a special day for me because on this day lots of fun is gathered in Gujarat. It’s a special festival there. Today on the advice of my elder bro I went for my hair cut and suddenly I got a miss call from an unknown number. When I called back on her number my I was overjoyed to find it Geetika’s number. I felt very well after talking to her today. After talking to her I forgot everything. I went for hair cutting but went without my hairs cut. Looking to my joy my friends were asking me reason behind my happiness. But I didn’t told them anything. How could I explain them that why am I so happy today. I just got what I wanted. Today on 14th January I talked to her on 9 Am 57min and 39 seconds. Today exactly after 19 days I talked to her. No one could guess the volume of happiness I had. Today the feeling I had after talking to her couldn’t be explained in words. Now I began to think that I have got an agenda to live the life. Now whenever she will call I will ask her the reason behind not call for so many days.
Today is 15th January and I got her call on 11 Pm 45 Min & 22 Seconds. We talked for a long time and explained me the reason before I asked that she called every night but found my number switch off. When our chat completed I was angry with myself that why did I kept my mobile switch off. Now onward I won’t keep my cell switch off who knows when she will call. Now from 3 days I talk to her every day. Now I feel better whenever I talk to her and have a feeling that our chat never ends. I don’t care for anything. Whenever I didn’t get her call I get into a strange stress that hadn’t I made any mistake. But she calls me every night but her timing isn’t fix. I wait for her call every day but I enjoy it. Because there is a strange happiness of talking after a long waiting. Today I asked her that is there any one whom she likes. She told me that it was my past and now there isn’t anything. But after forcing a lot she told the name of that boy that his name was Puneet. Then I asked that did she still liked that boy. She replied no and the reason was that he liked her best friend and she further told that now she hates that boy a lot. And even doesn’t want to talk about her. Then asked that still does she believes in love. She told that she believes in it a lot. Then it was her turn. She asked me the same question that did I like anyone. Now how could I say that you are the same girl asking about. I told her yes I like a girl a lot but don’t what she thinks about me. I thought that I will last on this. But no I didn’t, now she want to know the name of that girl. I tried a lot to change the topic but she didn’t lost. So took the help of a lie that her name is Sneha. Because I cannot say her. The time wasn’t favorable to say that. She told me that it’s too late now and she also wanted to study so can we talk tomorrow. I told ok and kept the phone after saying her by and wishing her good night. I kept the phone but one thing was harassing me that she liked a boy. Wow what a luck I had. First! time ev er in my life I like a girl and she like someone else. And the boy, whom liked, liked other. Is bat pe mujhe ek sayri yaad aa gai:
Mukadar Se Lad Saku Ye Meri Aukat Nahi,
Mein Wo Shaks Hu Khuda Jis K Saath Nahi,
Waqt Ayega To Keh Denge Khuda Se Ki,
Mera Mukadar Likhna Tere Bas Ki Baat Nahi.
I started my third day at temple asking me to give strength to fight the feeling called Love. I suddenly felt strong & went on My Job.
Well, two months ago, I stopped being friendly with him. Well, when we meet, I ignore him. If he greets me, I’ll tell him I hate him and others. Why? Since all the people thinks that something’s going on between us so I thought they’ll be ruining everything and he’ll know I love him. So by ignoring him, I thought it will stop. But I was wrong. Instead, it grew worse. I was in pain!!! I became so depressed and lonely without him but eventually we became friends again.
Uske baad hum dono har roz raat ko kafi der tak baat karne lage usse baat karte karte kab subah ho jati pata hi nahi chalta mein sochta tha k wo bas mujhse hi baat karti rahe hamesha mujhse hi baat karti rahe har waqt jab mujhe pata chala ki puneet naam k ladke ko pasand karti hai to mein ne soch liya ki mein usse kabhi nahi batunga ki mein us like karta hu aur kosis karunga ki kam se kam hamari dosti mein koi problem na aaye lekin ye baat bhi hai ki wo ab us ladke se nafrat karti hai to mein kya karu usse bol du ki mein usse pasand karta hu mere sare frnds to bolte hai ki bol dena chahiye par mujme himmat hi nahi hai usse bolne ki k mein usse like karta hu. Dekhte hai ki mein kab tak usse chupa sakta hu ki mein usse pyar karta hu. Ussne 20/1/2005 ko mujhse pucha tha k kya tum kisi ko pasand karte ho mein ne kaha k ha mein 1 ladki ko pasand karta hu lekin mein ye nahi janta ki wo mujhe pasand karti hai ya nahi to usne mujhe kaha ki wo ladki bhi mujhe pasand karti hi hogi us k baad wo zid karne lagi ki mujhe us ladki ka naam batao magar mein kaise bata sakta hu k wo ladki tum hi to ho uske jayada zid karne pe mein ne bataya ki uska naam naina hai aur wo mere saath hi big bazaar mein job karti hai usne mujhe kaha ki jab mein big bazaar mein aayu to mujhe dikhana k wo ladki kaun si hai uske baad usne mujhe kaha ki mujhe us ladki ko propose karna chahiye mein ne kaha ki mein aaj hi us ladki ko propose karta hu mein ne usse juth to bol diya par mein ye bhi nahi janta ki agar kisi din mere juth pakda gaya to kya hoga mein usse kya jawab dunga ki mein ne usse kyu juth bola ab jab juth bol diya to diya mein us baat ko badal to nahi sakta par kosis to kar sakta hu ki mera juth na pakda jaye coz mein nahi chahta ki ho mujh jaise ladke ko pasand kare lekin jab bhi mein ye sochta hu ki jab usse such pata chalega to kya hoga kya wo mujhje chood k chali jayegi agar wo chali gayi to mein us k bina nahi reh sakta coz mujhe pata hai ki usko juth bolne walo so nafrat hai.
Aaj pure 2 din beet gaye hai usne phone nahi kiya hai kya pata k wo phone kyu nahi kar rahi uski tabyet to thik hogi na samaj mein nahi aa raha k wo phone kyu nahi kar karhi. Usse agar baat ho to pata chale ki akhir kya ho gaya tha jo wo call nahi kar rahi thi.15/1/2007 ko saam ko 4.15 pm pew p big bazaar mein aayi mein ne usse dekha par mein usse baat milne nahi gaya pata nahi kyu meri himmat hi nahi hui usse baat karne ki shayad uske saath uski family thi is liye lekin wo mujhse milne aayi lekin mein ne attitude mein bol diya ki mujhe aapse baat nahi karni ussne mujhe kaha bhi ki amit mera cell phone wordan ne pakad liya hai is liye wo mujhe call nahi kar pa rahi lekin mein ne to ulte muh us se baat ki baad mein jab wo chali gayi tab mein ye soch ne laga ki o no ye mein ne kya kar diya wo to kudh mujhse milne aayi thi par mein ne to sahi se baat bhi nahi ki ab mein kya karu usne to mujhe soory kaha coz wo mujhe call nahi kar pa rahi such me mein pagal hu apne hi par pe mein ne kulhadi marli ek to mein ne usse sahi se baat tak nahi ki aur uske samne mein ne smoke bhi kar liye mujhe ye bhi pata hai ki usse smoke karne wale pasand nahi. Ab to wo mujhse aur bhi naraz ho gayi hogi ab to wo mujhe kabhi call nahi karegi ab mein kya karu mujhe to kuch samah nahi aa raha mein hamesha ye hi sochtarehtahu k kya uske paas mera num hoga bhi ki nahi meri ek galti ki wajah se mein ne usse hamesha k liye kho diya hai.
Aaj mera bhai aaya tha aur usne mujhe kaha ki ab tu hamesha k liye gurgaon sift karja bhai ki baat tal bhi nahi sakte lekin mein jana bhi nahi chahta ab mujhe yeha rehna accha lagta hai ab mein yeha se kahi nahi jana chahta mein bas uske call ka wait kar raha hu agar wo call nahi karega to mein bhi hamesha k liye yahe se chala jaunga kyunki uske bina mera yeha pe dil nahi lag raha meri ek galti ki wajah se wo hemesha k liye mujhse door ho gayi hai ab to mujhe lag raha hai ki wo mujhe kabhi call nahi karegi mein kya karu mujhe kuch nahi samaj mein nahi aa raha ki mein kya karu ab to mein kisi cheez me maan nahi raha puea din mein ye hi sochta rehta hu ki wo sirf ek baar call karde to mein usse sorry boldu magar aaj kitne din beet gaye hai lekin suka call nahi aa raha lekin pata nahi kyu mujhe lagta hai ki wo mujhe call juror karegi mera dil keh raha hai ki wo call jaruru karegi kyunki mein ne itni badi bhi galti nahi ki hai ki wo mujhse itni naraz ho jaye usse pata hai ki mein aone gusse k samne kuch nahi samajta jabki mein ne to usse kuch bhi nahi kaha mein ne to sirf usse baat hi nahi ki thi shayad isi karan se wo mujhe call nahi kar rahi kya karu ek wo hai jo call bhi nahi kar rahi aur ek mein hu jo ek pal k liye bhi usse bhul nahi sakta ab to lagta hai ki sirf drink karta rahu lekin kya karu drink karne wale usse pasand nahi is liye drink bhi nahi kar sakta mein usse bhul bhi nahi sakta aaj mujhe ye ehsash ho gaya ki pyar kabhi kisi ko nahi milta jis tarah mein aaj tadap raha hu usse to ye hi lagta hai ye kabhi kisi ko nahi milta mera 1 frand tha anubhav wo 1 ladki ko pyar karta tha aur mein us pe hasta that u tu pyar kyu karta hai jab wo tujhe pyar karti hi nahi to tab anubhav ne mujhe kaha tha k beta jis din tujhe pyar hoga us din mujhe bolna aur mein usse has k bplta tha k beta wo din kabhi nahi aayega lekin aaj mujhe apne aap pe kabhi kabhi hasi aati hai ki sale mein ne jis ladki ko pasand kiya wo mujhe chod k chali gayi to kya farak raha us mein aur anubhav ki girl friend prerna me anubhav ne sac! h ki kah a tha ki ye ladkiya kabhi hamari feelings nahi samaj sakti agar koi ladka unse flirt karta hai to ye unke liye apni jaan bhi de sakti hai aur agar koi sache dil se inhe pyar kare to ye un ki koi kadar nahi karti.
Aaj 8th feb hai aur mujhe apne 1 frand ki marriage me jana hai mein nahi jana chahta par kya karu jana to padega aaj mujhe Geetika ki bahot yaad aa rahi hai aaj mein ne apne frnd’s k saath mil k kuch jayada hi drink kar liya hai mein kya karta yaar jis frnd ki marriage thi usne force kiya to majburi mein mujhe drink karna padata apne frnd ka dil bhi nahi tod sakta tha aur mujhe bhi bahana chahiye tha drink karne k liye lekin meri kismat itni bhi acchi nahi hai jaise hi mein drink kar k dinar karne gaya k usne mujhe kisi unknown number se miss call kiya mujhe pata nahi kaise par ye ehsash ho gaya ki ye uska hi call hai mein ne back call kark dekha to uska hi call tha mujhe 1 ajib si kushi hui mein soch bhi nahi sakta tha k wo mujhe kabhi call karegi lakin mujhe kushi hui ki wo ab bhi mujhe yaad karti hai lekin meri kushi jayada der tak nahi rahi kyonki achanak hi mujhe yaad aya k mein ne to drink ki hai mein ye soch ne laga k itne dino tak mein ne drink nahi kiya tab usne mujhe call nahi kiya aur aaj mein ne drink kiya hai to usne mujhe call kiya mein tension mein aa gaya ki agar usse pata chala ki mein ne drink ki hai to wo kya sochegi mere bare mein ki kaisa ladka hai drink karta usne mujhe pucha ki kya baat hai aaj tum badi ajib tareke se baat kar rahe ho to mein ne kaha ki aaj mere friend ki marriage hai to usne kaha thik hai jab tum free ho jao tab mujhe isi number pe call kar lena to mein ne kaha ki kya hum kal baat kar sakte hai usne pucha kyu kya hua aaj baat kyu nahi kar sakta tab mein ne socha k mujhe ab sach bata dena chahiye tab mein ne usse kaha k aaj mein ne drink kar rakhi hai itna sunte hi wo to mujpe gussa karne lagi lekin mujhe uska gussa bhi accha laga usne kaha k to kya jab tum drink karoge tam hum baat nahi karenge us din bhi tum ne smoke kit hi kyu karto ho tum ye sab hai mein ne request ki k hum kal baat karta hai aur mein ne phone rak diya aab to meri kushi k koi tikahana nahi raha mujhe lagta hai ki shayad upper wale ko mere pyar ki kadar hai tabhi to usne mujhe fir se call kiya! ye kya aaj mein god ko thanx bol raha hu mujhe ye kya ho gaya hai jo insane kabhi god me nahi manta tha aaj wo god ko yaad kar raha hu kuch to baat hai us ladki mein jo usne mujhe itna change kar diya. Ab bus mein uske phone ka wait kar raha tha lekin uska call nahi aaya to mein ne socha k mein hi call karta hu par baad mein yaad aaya k uske hostel mein phone allow nahi hai agar kisi or ne utha liya to lekin wo mujhe call kyu nahi kar rahi tab mujhe yaad aaya k kal mein ne drink kar rakhi thi koi bhi ladki ek aise ladke se baat bhi karna pasand nahi karti jo ki drink karta ho aur mein ne to uske samne smoke kiya tha aur kal to had hi ho gayi mein ne usse bata diya ki meun ne drink kar rakhi hai uske baad bhi mein uske call ka wait kar raha hu wo ab to kabhi call nahi karegi nahi usse call karna hoga mere liye usse call karna hoga coz ab mein uske bina jee nahi sakta aur meri jid rang layi bhale do din ke baad hi sahi usne mujhe call to kiya lekin usne mujhe itna data ki mujhe ab usse dar lagne laga hai mujhe to lag raha tha k wo mujhe maar hi dalegi lekin mein bach gaya usne mujhe is sharat pe datna band kiya ki ab mein kabhi drink nahi karunga tabhi wo mujhse baat karegi nahi to nahi karegi mein ne uski baat man li uske liye to mein kuch bhi kar sakta hu to uski itni choti si baat nahi man sakta.
Aab chahe jo ho jaye mein usse apni life se nahi jane dunga ab mein usse nahi kho sakta coz itne din usse baat na karke mujhe ye ehsash ho gaya hai ki ab mein usse kisi bhi haal mein nahi kho sakta kamal ki baat hai mein such mein usse pyar karne laga hu aaj mein maan gaya ki love at first site bhi ho ta hai aab mein ye hi sochta rehta hu ki mujhse koi galti na ho ki wo mujhe chod k chali jaye mein nahi chahta ki wo mujhe chod k jaye mein chahta hu ki wo hamesha mere saath rahe chahe jo ho jaye lekin meri kismat itni bhi acchi nahi hai ki wo mujhe mil jaye ab ye to meri kismat ki baat hai lekin mein apni taraf se puri kosis karunga ki wo mujhe mil jaye.
I am not saying that she is a bad girl, all I am saying is that we never been together even as good friends. I love her since i was 16 years old, now as the day i was writing this story i am already 23 years old and today is Sunday 4:00 pm noon , Feb. 1, 2009 . I write this love story at our office, the same day i see her and us seat side by side in the noida sec 18. I am wearing shades with blue shirt while she is in uniform still very white and very pretty. I know this is true love i am 23 and shes 20 now. True and first love never dies is true.
As i saw her today i am hoping that someday she will be my wife and have a happy family. Have four children with her to take care. I really love her. Does she still remember me? Maybe no maybe yes but one thing is sure i will always remember her.

Why my life went wrong For some bad reason at early stage of my life .For some people that knew me , this page may look funny , its shows weakness and failure , but the real thing is , is that it is very painful that my biggest problem came in when i was 17 years old
Even though I went through all these and how she ditched me, but I can’t seem to forget her. I tried but I can’t, it’s like I will always love her. As a matter of fact, I still love her. I can’t let go of her, she’s my life, and she’s the only one that can change my whole life. I just wanted her to know this and give me another chance. All these time all I can’t think of anything except her and death. Every day I tried to resisted from seeing her, but I can’t, every time I did, I hurt myself. I’d been going through all these troubles and pains and she still doesn’t’ even talk to me or let me talk to her. Anyway, life is life and stick with it. Enjoy it while you can cause once u die u won’t be able to understand. I just wanted her to know that forever she will be in my heart. I will never forget her

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