My Love MIssin her alot – Dhruv

Hi i am to tell my story to u all and need serious suggestion from u guys… frnds it started in Jan 2011 i was posted to north east on a govt assignment…thr i usally met local ppl in official parties and social gathering and i met a local girl thr who is also working in good govt company…she is very jolly,cooperating,cute like ki usse dekh lo thn ur mood will refresh automatically. i introduced myself to her and she introduced herself…i came to know ki she is living in my colony…now i started noticing her..daily she goes for a walk in day i met to her in between her walk and again we talk and this time we exchanged each other numbers.thn we started taxting each other talk endlessly weather on phn or somewhr outside.sometimes we also planned for short outing in hills or at a tourist spot.soon we both realize tht we are liking each other.and we confess tht it is love tht we even cant spent 2 hours without talkin to each other.she do care for me everytime in silly small things too…we can spent hours by looking each other without talkin a word. in 2011 end she went for company tour to banglore for 2 weeks.i dont know wht was tht but she was missin me badly thr and seems very upset on day i went on medical leave and went thr in banglore only to be with her…thr also we spent whole evening with each other roaming in banglore.i dont know if it was madness but it was wht i have done and also on all subsequent tour of her in future. now in Jan 2013: I am transferred back to New Delhi as thr was no work for me left thr. and i feel it was like sme1 detaching my body part from me. we continuously talkin to each other but we want to be with each other.So we decieded to marry,she talked with her family they all are ok with me.Now it was my turn I talked with my family about her..they are not ready for her they are continuously insisting on the fact tht she belongs to north east and looks like tht. they are saying tht they cant match up with our family …blah blah blah..i told this thing to her ..she didn’t told me anything right or wrong and said ki jo tumhe sahi lage wo karo mai hamesha tumhare decision mai sath hun…ab mujhe itna bura lagta hai..wo mujhe kuch nahi kheti hai ..kam se kam mujhe kuch galiyan suna leti to bhi mujhe acha lagta….uski ye khamosi mujhe khane ko daudti hai..she usally talks me like before and kabie shadi ki baat nahi karti…delhi kabie-2 uska tour lagta hai to milti hai but i can feel her thoughts. ab mai bhi two states ke chetan bhagat ki tarah lga hua kuch chamatkar ho jaye..i m feeling i miss her at every minute. guys wht to do plz suggest,like 1) kya ghar walo ke oppose mai jakar marriage karna sahi hoga? 2) ek north indian boy and north eastern girl couple vakai mai aapki opinion mai mismatch hai?as my family and some frnd say. 3) if a girl ready do anything for u thn a guy should also do like tht na? replyyy guys plz…serious suggetions plz..

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