love or ditch – aayesha

M aayesha… I knw its an another bring story acordng to u wdout rdng it bt in my eyes its myn life trgdies, i strt from ma frst stage of my teenage whn i started lykng a boy in 6th class, i strtd crng hm, doing his wrk of class, paying attention on his evry need, one day his frnd cms to me n said tht he knws evrythng abt me n said yes from his side n i feel lik hvn on earth, bt my bad luck after smtym ma father transfrd to another city, n i m fully disappointed by my life, instead of tht i strtd frgtng hm bt one day he kols me up tht he is serious abt me n he wnts to me to be wd hm,
Bt wjho knws tht he is doing tympass, oneday i cm to knw tht it ws ol a tympass for hm, i thot tht may be he wsnt in my lk n i said to hm tht we wl be frnds forever, days gone acordng to their tym,,,,,, n guess wt shocked me_____ no ??
Thn read he said to me tht he lvs my bst frnd nd i ws lyk a stone who cnt say or do anythng —— while ths is going in my tution one guy said tht he lvs me n i thot tht may be he ws ryt prsn for mr n i sd yes to hm——-agn my hard luck cms to damage me—- he goes to mumbai n while being there he dumb me syng it ws ol a tympass or nothng else—–
Nw m in 3rd od of graduation n one of my frnd proposed me for being wd her—– bt i said no thn after sometym his csn who is also my frnd also proposed me for being wd hr agn i said no—- bt i used to chat wd hm daily coz he iz sweet in nature—— bt nw i thnk tht he also wnts me for a tympass bt i thnk god tht i ddnt said yes……
So its my trgdies of lyf—— gals n guys cn u plz expln me wts going on wd me…… M hlpless…….gimme suggestions w i do………:( 

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3 thoughts on “love or ditch – aayesha”

  1. Dear Aayesha,

    It seems you have falled in one sided love in your valuable life. From your words and story as you have explained i feel that you are a very sweet girl. Aayesha Bhagwan ne is duniya me sabko ek maksad se banaya hai. Tum apne pyar ko reserve rakho uske liye jo sirf or sirf tumse pyar karega. Dost or Jivan sathi mein jyada antar nahi hota, dost apko kabhi akela nahi chhodega or jivan saathi kabhi aapko nahi chhodega.


    S. Kaushal

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