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I am Kumar Pankaj. I belong to India.I am a student of B.com Final Year From Accounting & Finance From Lalit Narayan Mithila University Laheriasarai Darbhanga. I want From My Life is a chance or an opportunity to work in a Global organisation where I can learn ,earn and grow myself to become a true professional Personality.
There’s a Beautiful Girl Who loves me. She loves me too much so She cannot live without me.She says that if she is not mine, then not anyone, but I also say that if I do not belong to you then no one else.

We both have become the breath of each other, the day it does not matter, it becomes difficult for days to pass.
She does not sleep without me…..

“Now She Can’t Sleep Without Me
I Have A Confidence That, That Day Will Come I Will Sleep In her Open Hair !
I Will Keep On Dreaming In Dreams Of her!
I Love You Rani”
I cannot live without You………
She is’ in every feeling, and
Her story in every memory
can’t express it in words..

“Look once with attention in my eyes,
my love, it will be your face hidden inside,
to me and only to me you love all the day and nights!”
I am sure that one day my love will definitely be found.

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  1. Prince

    Impressive Love Story.

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  2. Nagma Khan

    Awesome and nice story

  3. Vshal

    Good luck with your dream…..

  4. Cgs

    Person will have two minds one is inner mind and outer mind inner mind will guide outer mind and outter mind will guide to act in front of others…. Y this now am saying to you
    When you feel alone talk with your inner conscious… It may help you.. I actually do it

  5. Rabbu

    Hi guy’s

  6. udhayakumar

    im udhaya
    love storie is nice

  7. Kumar Pankaj

    I’m your life,
    and you’re my life.
    what’d we get by throwing tantrums for each other.

  8. Adil khan



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