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Incomplete love story – Dinesh Patel Chenda

The love story of both was absolutely filmy.  Same love at first sight.  Perhaps this was the reason that in some corner of the mind there was an expectation that the end of this story would be like most Hindi films, enjoyable.  Sumi and Dinesh never thought anything before making love.  But once they fell in love, both of them went ahead like running water.

With the intention of getting married soon, Dinesh took admission in an MBA institute that promises to get a job.  Dinesh was also in a hurry because Sumi’s housemates were looking for a boy.  Luck and hard work were paying off.  As soon as I got admission in the big MBA college, both of them had splashed in the withering mind.  Both seemed to think that everything would be alright, but on the lines of Hindi films, there was bound to be a dramatic turn.  Sumi’s marriage was fixed within a month of enrolling in the course.

Sumi was very nervous.  Both of them were very nervous.  It was coming in my heart that they should immediately run away and get married.  But there was no job and that is why both of their growing steps were stalled.  Dinesh kept getting fickle and explaining to himself that ‘whatever happens will be good’.  There was also talk of both that they should talk about marriage in their own homes, but every time efforts would be given due to reasons like caste, age, status, unemployment.  Time was getting out of hand very fast.  Dinesh thought of leaving his MBA studies and course to work in a call center.  But some experienced people who have walked the path of love before, told that the damage caused by it was so great that both could not progress further in this path.

Both of them had made love but did not think of the things ahead of them.  This was the reason that when the matter of marriage was coming on the journey of love, Sumi was afraid of marrying her siblings and sometimes Dinesh was afraid of the family’s respect and future concerns.

Time was passing like he rode on a black fast horse.  Was not taking the name of the stop.  Even if he stops, how is his work going on continuously?  The wedding date was approaching and strange feelings of helplessness, restlessness had made a home in the mind.  In such a situation, friends give the best and unique options.  Sumi and Dinesh also got many suggestions.  On the day of Sumi’s wedding, I had promised God to go barefoot to every big and small temple and make a prasad of 101 rupees, but what happens with 101 rupees in this era of inflation.  Perhaps even God did not approve of this.

Frustrated, Dinesh moved towards atheism and reality.  From the date of marriage to the day of marriage, the boy’s phone number and address from Facebook was also an attempt to confuse some juga.  Dinesh spent the entire day of his marriage in the temple.  Some hopes were still left, although they were also decreasing rapidly as the sun set.  Shobhit had put off too much of Hindi films in her life, so Marriage Hall arrived at the end of the evening.

The bride somehow reached the ready room and told her that I will come on stage, you hug me Leo, I will be beaten a little but everything will be fine.  The wedding will be canceled.  Saying this, Dinesh exited the room like an arrow.  Dinesh’s enthusiasm was awake again.  Now it was Dinesh’s Brahmastra.  He reaches the stage as soon as Jayamal.  After Brahmastra was running in his mind, there was a fear of being beaten, but also with the hope of success.  When he came close to her on the stage, it was expected that she would hug, Dinesh also hinted secretly but there was no emotion on his face.  But after stopping for a few minutes, the photographer told Dinesh, ‘Brother, get off now too.’

In one stroke, Dinesh had come into reality from his dreamy film world.  Sumi had become someone else’s life.  After returning, Dinesh came out of reel life with a stone eye and was watching his life’s film being rewind.  Not just Sumi to support Dinesh, her salty dirty tears and memories were with her.

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43 thoughts on “Incomplete love story – Dinesh Patel Chenda”

    1. it’s real love story nd anyone don’t forgt their first love in thier life because they think alot of things regarding to their coming tommorow.So that’s why sometime people putmore harmful steps in true love which is not good for them.

  1. इजहारे-ईश्क करु
    या….तबियत पूछलु उनकी…
    ऐ..दिल कुछ तो रास्ता बता..
    उनसे बात करने का..!!❤

  2. खुद तलाशना कातिल अपना ‘और फिर क़त्ल होना…..

    इसी फनकारी को …बदकिस्मती से इश्क ❤ कहते हैं!!

  3. Ek unke ruthne se aisa lgta h jaise meri khushiyan hi mujhse ruth gyi ho…
    Kbi jo wo mile toh kehna meri khushiyan mujhe dete jayen

  4. Yaadein toh har kisi ke dil me theher jati h pr kbi jo unn yaadon me jo shakhs h wo zindagi me thehre toh kya baat ho..

  5. जीने की ख्वाइश में हर रोज़ मरते हैं,
    वो आये न आये हम इंतज़ार करते हैं,
    जूठा ही सही मेरे यार का वादा,
    हम सच मानकर ऐतबार करते हैं।

  6. Shayad galat kehte h log jb dil toot’ta h toh inke tukdne ni chubhte, chubhti toh wo yaadein or wo shakhs h jo in dil ke tukdon me bi hote h…

  7. Har kisi ke saath aisa hota hoga zindagi me..
    Saza unki galtiyon ki milti h jo kbi hmne kiya ni hota h..
    Or frr kbi kbi hmse behadd aziz kuchh aisa chheen jata h..ke hum soche bi ni hote h..

  8. choudhari kajal patel

    Apki muskan hamari kamjori hai kah na pana hamari majboori hai ap q nahi samjhte is khamosi ko kya ise juba dena jaruri hai

  9. Shayad aisi koi khata mujhse hui hogi…
    Jiski saza ye rahi hogi..
    Yun toh nahi h tu mujhse..
    Shayad isme bi koi raza teri rahi hogi…

  10. Tu na mile jis roz woh din kab aasani se katata hai dil ka dhadkna saans ka chalna ek saza sa lagta hai dil hi jaane bagair tere hum kaise jee paayen..
    Mar jaayen…????

  11. Tere bin bi tere saath bitaya har pal mere saath rehta hai kbi aankhon me nami banke, kbi teri kami banke toh kbi hansi banke..

  12. Ap to wo ho jo logo ke chehre par muskan la sakti ho unke bite huee pal unke purane dosto ki yaad dila sakti ho

    Kuchh pal hasi ke hote hai or kuch pal gam ke kyuki…..

    Zindagi ka naam hi kabhi khushi kabhi gam hai..

    Nd sabhi parson ek jaise nahi hote koe hame bewajah galat samjhte hai or kuch galat hote huye bhi hame sahi samjhte hai…..

    So please ap site chhor ke mat jao plz

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