Love story in college

I Too Had a Love Story – Vishal Kushwaha

There was a boy, who loved a girl more than himself and She loved him too. Both were heartbeat of each other eventually. They loved each other alot and were in a serious committed relationship. They had talked about moving in together and getting married, They had promised to grow old together and many loving promises,they loved like two pigeons does. That girl also use to call him mumma cause of his that much love and care towards her. After 12th He then went to Kota for (IIT JEE prepration or for good college ), she continued
her college with computer science branch. Back then,
mobile phones were not allowed in her
college but She somehow managed and talk every days. He manages all his pocket money only to recharge and talk to her
daily. Everday their love increases .
His mother and fully family were knowing about this relationship even she talks with them. After few days the boy went back to his home- town after he appeared for JEE exam, everything was going fine. Results came and the boy not selected in IIT’s NIT’s but got one of best college in the world i.e INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY,Mumbai. He started his further studies but he was not happy with his branch ???? ???? he decided to appear once again in JEE and He chose not to go, convinced his parents that next year, he’ll improve(only to remain with his sweetheart and get her in future forever) but eventually her interest decreases for him. 0:) He appeared again in JEE and got admission in VJTI,Mumbai again best govt. In india. Because of his carrier (may be) while changing college between that days The girl involved with another guy someone became best buddy for her. ???? ???? He was unknown about this all. His best buddy proposed her and she too still he was knowing nothing.(New lover was an IITIAN ) ???? :-:'( She started ignoring him every time by giving too many silly silly reasons like today I have to study lot , complete some project bla bla.. When ever he call,her calls comes keep on waiting later on again she gives different reasons. [[[ Once his call were last call of the every night and first call of every morning in her phone unfortunately ]] but she replaced with new one ???? ???? . Still for her Every thing was same changes were only she replaced him with her new bestie ???? ????One day she said him that her uncle (mama ji) is a fortune teller and uncle had told her mother that she is not studying, and getting involved in other activities(that’s he ‘( ) …..and she said him that she had promised her Mother she will concentrate on study But all was fully fake totally fake He tried to discuss things with his girl because he loved her so much. He just wanted to fix things up. Before he met her he never knewwhat is was like to smile for no reason but She said she couldn’t bear long distance relationships and she needed someone who could remain with her and also said she can’t even imagine future with him He was surprised, suddenly how she can be change this much.. Still he had hope. She never told anything about the real truth actually what was going on,one day he caught her.. Her all e-mail conversations between them (all night chats / crossed all limits of talking ???? ????  of whatsapp and her send pics,dedicated sung songs which were mailed on her and by her .. on gmail by her new luver.[how can she enjoy every same moments with new bf in way once she only share with him ]. ???? ????  After reading this matter boy becomes hopeless, fully silent She trapped him fully in his life.He was very loyal for her ( loyalty is only for dogs) but what she did ???? Her new lover hangovered her mind and replace all previous memories of him with new memories. (boys never talks about their ex-bf) Finally she left him .That boy lost everything. She never felt ashame coz still she had everything (New lover) to share her good times.she proved image That boy thought to commit :-# ……. bt couldn’t Her new lover called him and said to leave her and also said to forgot all promises with her coz promises are made to broken only . He cried more and more but he was helpless.There are billions people in this world but he needed only her but finally the girl whom he loved unconditionally left him for someone else.. Even she was knowing no one can love her like he did.. He share that incidence with his mom and bro she too cried alot.. Then he decided to move on (hope) ……..

FInally That boy is me. (VISHAL) I’m somehow dealing with the situation. And I know I’ll be out of it soon. All you need to have is confidence in yourself but I’m confident I’ll end up doing well. Life has not ended. As far as parents are concerned, whatever wrong you’d do, they’ll forgive you and will keep loving you unconditionally. You are sometimes presented with a choice during some crucial moments of your life. Always choose the one where you have a sound future. Emotional decisions are bad (read stupid). Sulking for days won’t help you. Time is of importance my friend. Plan and do something worthwhile, make your parents proud. That’s the best feeling ever Thank so much to my family. Bro Ashwin for the support Finally she taught me how to cry .

I have finished my story here but in real my story doesn’t ends here. There are a lot of untold memories and many things remained in my life. MISS YOU SHONA ,

I LOVED HER,I LOVE HER,I WILL LOVE HER  till ma last breath.My SHONA baby


She loved me ever??

She cheated??

Why she never felt ashamed??

Why she did with me??

She will be happy??

How I will live without her??

What to do with all memories??

Whom I’ll say I miss you baby?? ???? :’

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8 thoughts on “I Too Had a Love Story – Vishal Kushwaha”

  1. i really don’t understand wat to say….if she was really loving you she haven’t ditched you… loves is not about staying to gather… speaking in phn for a long time… its only attachment wat i can say..loves is something tat u don’t need to have a long conversation … it only wants to knw ru fine?… had ur food???… i think about ur future and smile… and tell ur self don’t worry 1 day we will be together for every … she have ditched because ur were not entertaining her … thn ur lucky guy thank god ur escaped from big problem.. because she is not a girl which is meant for loving… And feel proud of ur parents they are really good …. forget her ….. go ahead bright future is waiting for you don’t wait for such type of girls….Best of lucky.

  2. O M G but vishal ji jo b hota hai uss mai koi na koi acha rezon xorur hota hai..
    aap k 7 aisa hua iss mai b GOd nay kuch accha he likha hoga cox somtims God doesnt gv us that wt we want not cox we dont desrv but cox we desrv much bettr than that

  3. What man chill
    It happens with every True lover that dosent mean itz end of life or love approach another Girl which you find Better and when you being twice in relation you will feel relax and i think that is the way to forget her ????

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