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It is true that love is never between two persons of same nature but it is when two different people become the reason of each others happiness.When the one who is punctual for his work leaves all his work just for someone.When the one who is always indulge in his own life want to know each and every detail about the one whom he admire. So the story start from facebook and not exactly from facebook also. So the boy named Vihaan ,he was the one who is indulged in fighting and all.And the girl named Isha.The boy sent request to the girl on facebook,she accepted but because the boy’s  name was as same as his fathers name.So in the very excitement she accepted the request . It was morning as soon as the girl accepted the request boy commented on all of her pics. The first thought came in girls mind was that he was may be going to flirt with her . then the boy messaged her how was she instead of hey or anything she replied I am good and a little busy may be because she wanted to ignore him. never mind after few hours boy messaged her again if she was   free and she replied yes so in this way  the conversation started.days passed and they chat with each other daily .some days after becoming friend Vihaan asked Isha for a movie but she refused some days later Vihaan insisted her to meet she said yes but she was not in any mood to meet the stranger. Vihaan was excited to meet her  so he reached the place 2hrs  before the time they have decided to meet. On the other hand Isha have two thoughts on her mind whether she should meet him or not. Isha was unable to make her mind to meet the person whom she dont know in personal . the boy waited for her 3hrs at the same place he was continuously calling her but she switched off her phone due to nervousness. At that time Vihaan decided to take the help  of her friend to convience her for him.He liked Isha but when he was made to wait 3hrs his ego was hurt he decided to take revenge from Isha . The next day Isha was going out with the same friend who was going to help that boy. There Vihaan and Isha met for the first time because of Isha’s friend . Isha was impressed by Vihaan’s nature .Vihaan asked her to drop her to a distance to her home she agreed when they reached Vihaan said to Isha that he likes her. Isha was unable to reply anything may be she felt for Vihaan on the same day . In actual Vihaan was a gunda type boy but somehow he knew that Isha hate all this so the day when he first have feeling in his mind for Isha he left all that .After meeting Isha he forgot about everything that his ego was hurt and all. That night when they reached home both were eager to talk to each other but none of them knew ho to start a conversation. But somehow they did smile did not fainted from any of both faces for the  whole time Isha was not good at looks but Vihaan had fallen for him like he never thought of any other girl from that day all he wanted was Isha forever. The next day they started chatting Isha was going at a friends place because of some function she told this to Vihaan . Vihaan requested her to meet him just for a while Vihaan decided to propose Isha and even Isha was expection this to happen. They met both were unable to make eye contact with each other because both felt something for each other but both of them were ignoring their feelings because none of them them have ever trusted on love and they were ignoring the fact that they have already fallen for each other. they went and sat on a bench or sometime both of them were silent Vihaan thought that he will propose Isha and leave her when she accepts her proposal. so he started but when u really love someone those 3 words become the most difficult words of the whole universe. Vihaan was trying to say I love you just to make Isha regret but when Vihaan looked into Isha’s eyes he forgot everything   he started expressing all his feelings heartdly. Vihaan was unable to understand what was happening with him .Finally Vihaan said he loves her alot .She was satisfied by what Vihaan said but She dont know how to reply for that.Vihaan asked her for hug and kiss but she refused that was the second step where Vihaan  felt for her again her innocance was attracting him Vihaan knew from her eyes that she wants to accept the proposal but dont know how to do . Tey both stood up and startd moving Isha dont want him to go from her life. She couraged and take  out Vihaan hand out of his pocket  and hold it.This is the way she accepted the proposal .For both of them it was the first time someomne was holding them. Vihaan got nervous and happy whatever u can say .From there Isha went to the funtion on her friends house and vihaan told his friend about Isha no ne of their friends were believing that they were in love .Days passed slowly and slowly Isha started thinking was Vihaan serious on that day because her emotions and love for Vihaan was increasing as the days were passing .On the other hand Vihaan was thinking that he wanted to take revenge  from Isha for his ego but he cat she even a single drop of tears in her eyes Vihaan was unable to understand why it was so  almost after a month of relationship Someow vihaan’s father came to know everything he started beating Vihaan but all he said was he was not going to leave Isha because he loves her alot that day Vihaan understood what was inside him for Isha that he was trying to hide from himself. He went to meet Isha and told him each and everything how his ife was before meeting her and after she came in her life. so the time passed but their lve for eachother remained the samethey beacme each other priority and now both of their family members are agreeing for their relation just by a condition to become successful to support each other lifetime ……………. True love does exist you just need to find the right person for that.

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  1. atul singh

    Yehh n nice story n u r right true love …. True love does exist you just need to find the right person for that. But true lover rare in this time this world dear frnd

  2. Rajvir

    Great story, i have a tear in mah eye floating on my cheek hehe. Actually i m also in a long distance relationship and yes i met her on fb and i love her so much..

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