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Esa bhi hota hae..???????? Part I – Ashutosh Jaiswal

Maene 11th class se coaching Jana chalu Kiya for medical entrance. I belong to a small town. And my coaching was in a city. So there was a girl , she was really beautiful with a sweet voice. She belonged to a rich family I think but still she was so kind. It was so obvious to fall for such a girl so I was also one of them. Yes there were many. As I belongs to a small town I had a sort of inferiority complex that how would such girl can choose me it was impossible. Time moved on and she got a boyfriend. I was not hurt as I thought she is not for me it was ok for me. I never thought of girls except for her. And she was somebody else’s. So I got into studies.

An year passed still single without any female friend. It’s unbelievable but true I think I don’t have good looks. Then came 12th class a burden from society and family and In addition you are also expected to crack medical entrance. In the middle of the year they broke up good news???????? . No but that girl was broken as her boyfriend dumped her just because he thought that their families won’t cope up with each other. He was an idiot. It didn’t bothered me as of my inferiority complex. Then the exams. I scored 86%. That was good one for me. But ???? I didn’t cleared my entrance exam ????. I was so depressing but I gave my self another chance. I joined the same coaching and she was also there . I thought that this year is to be dedicated to your enjoyment. But but I was not that I won’t study????????. I studied well. And I became topper of the coaching a plus point for me????. Now think what would have happened? Yes now I had so many female friends than male friends because I was the one who was helping others in their studies, doubt clearance and all. I enjoyed that part of the day the most and who will not. You are surrounded by girl. She was also one of them ????. I didn’t do anything I don’t why. But finally just a week before the entrance exam we came so close to each other ????. And in that week only we dated each other twice. It was complete madness our life deciding exam is next Sunday and we were in love wih each other.

Then exam passed by and there was one more exam after 21 days. We had special class for that exam. Then came a day when there were no classes ????????. That day I told her about my feelings for her????. But she said nothing about what she felt for me ????????????. And now I don’t know why she was so nice to me than ever. But as in every love story there is a second boy. Now she started to spend time with him ☹️☹️☹️. I started feeling that she don’t like me and I started to stay away from her. Then that last exam also ended and so did my love story. I deleted her no. so that she is not a distraction to me????????. I got a nice rank in the entrance exam it took that happiness to heal all of my pain. Now I started to live my life normally and happily. One day my friend called me. He told me that she liked me too. I was devastated that day. When I asked him when she told that it  was 2 and a half months ago. Such a petty friend I had. Then it took me 2 days to get her number…….

To be cont…..

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53 thoughts on “Esa bhi hota hae..???????? Part I – Ashutosh Jaiswal”

  1. It is always difficult to understand this kind of feeling where u feel..she is not into you.. Some times u feel like she is into you… Sometimes you back off…sometimes she.. I don’t understand why people make love so complicated.. U do what you feel.. What you need to do… Brother please complete this story in next part..and can’t wait to read what happened next…. Good luck

  2. Very Nice Love Story.

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  3. Prince Charming ????

    Aaira ji kaha hain aap..?

    Baaki sab log kaha hain..!

    Sona sis









    Sabhi silentreader ko

    Bhi happy friendship day

  4. Prince Charming ????

    Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne…!!

    Duniya Ko Dikha Denge….!!

    Hum Maut Ko Jeene ke…!!

    Andaaz Sikha Denge….!!

    Tum Saath Ho Jab Apne….!!

    Duniya Ko Dikha Denge…!!

    Hum Maut Ko Jeene ke…..!!

    Andaaz Sikha Denge…..!!


  5. Prince Charming ????

    Sunn shona….!

    Bhhad me gaya woh id….!

    Maine new banadi hai….!

    Sunnnn yele…!





    Jaldi aa plzzzz

  6. Prince Charming ????

    Anjum yakkadunnav…???

    Yemainadi matladava..!

    Poni Whatspp unte andulo

    Mwtladkundama niku !!

    Abhyantaram lekuntene…..???

  7. Prince Charming ????

    kaun dost hai aapki…!

    Unke email se karsakti haina ji

    Aisa mazak hamein pasand nahi..!

    Ab hum yakin v kaise karein k

    Is pardeke peeche aaira khan ji

    Hain ya koi hain????



  8. are yar ap to naraz hone lage sorry yr me apni friend ko phone nahi deti hu na paswrd batati hu wo use pata chal gaya tha mera paswrd sorry ab to aisa paswrd dala h k koyi nhi khol sakhta ok

  9. Prince Charming ????


    Mujhe nahi pata ke…!

    Tune “telegram” delete q kardiya

    Kamse kam bata ttoh deti.!

    Uuhh hurt me….. ????

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