Dont know What to do!!! – Rahul

Hi frnz!!! Today I am going to share my true love story with you people. Please come up with some strong solutions as I really need them. Thisstory started when I was in 10th standard. I was having my coaching classes in an institute. We were few students there 5-6 girls and about 9-10 boys. Mine was a love at first site LOVE! I don’t know what I liked about her. May b her attitude and the way she talks, the way she laughs and her craziness. But, that time I was facing a big problem i.e. the shyness. I started loving her from the very beginning day and days passed but I had no guts to even talk to her. Her cousin also studied there and I used to talk to her but not so much. Also, I then thought that she lovesanother boy in our class which was my biggest misunderstanding. We completed our course in almost 3 months but I talked to her may b once or twice that too for a very short time. After completing the course, I left the place and came back to home with a heavy stone on my heart. After passing the 10th class, I one day luckily found her cousin on Facebook and I added her immediately. She accepted my request and we used to chat a lot talking about the past that how it went and what we used to do. Almost a year passed so, I used to ask her about her cousin whom I secretly loved and one day I told her that whether she is on Facebook or not? To my surprise, she said Yes! I was in 7th heaven. She gave me her Facebook username but I wasn’t able to track her may b because of her privacy terms. So, I told my cousin to make her send me friend request and after some days, she added me n we started chatting normally. The chat continued and I started liking her more and more and my love for her started to gain heights. One day, i told her that I like her and this liking has turned into real love but my badly never left me. She said she loves someone else but that love was only one sided. I was dumbfounded! But I didn’t lost hope. I kept loving her and tried a lot to make her realize my true love but failed every time. We still chat a lot on Facebook and she often says that she only likes me and not more than that. But I really love her very much. I just can think of any other girl in my life other than her. So Friends, I really need your help. Please tell me what to do? Will she love me someday or that is just a nightmare? Plz come up with some strong solutions and encouraging replies. Regards Rahul



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