An Uknown Girl Part I – Eklavya

Its evening and train departed from Ranchi to Vijayawada and my journey started next morning i think it was about 9:50 am so rush in train and no way to go to washroom even…anyhow i go out when train stop at vishakapatnam and brush my tooth and get ready for one girl entered in my coach at first i ignore her because i am not interested in all these love, friendship and bla,bla.

So next she come near to my birth no 23 as 23 no is something but i don’t know what she ask for a place to sit.i gave her a space and i busy in my breakfast i offer her some snacks,as someone is in front of you should ask thats why i do…then she introduce herself and ask me for the same as i dont have any experience about all these i dont know so i start talking about food and my college…thats i dont all these type of food she said you from Jharkhand its very why you come here…

I have no answer within all these i was feeling thirsty again and again..she was hungry so my friends offer foods and snacks as i told you before also..with me 2 more my friends are there who laughing at all know she is possessive with other with me she is not like that actually she talking she said you are very sure and i came to know that if you can make eye contact even i observe you not seeing me at all why i am not beautiful..i said no you are but i am not,she said no way you are good boy and cute also..ok now this time for end of journey and her designation at end she ask me to come outside to say good  bye with a last few words she said i love you and ask for kiss at last…. but i didn’t… nd to be continued……




  1. Prince

    Good Love Story.

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    1. Fathima


      1. Vinod ald

        Ab tum kaun ho

      2. Ayyan

        Hlo Fatima

    2. Kenny

      Really you want Frend I’m happy but I’m so serious for that

  2. rose

    Comment…same as prince said

  3. SK Mandal

    I’m Shekhar Mandal,20 yeaes from Nainital, uttarakhand. I want a friend true friend,With whom I can share my all things and feelings WhatsApp number 7535836542

  4. Mary

    Hey guys…
    I think you’d better water ur mind…instead of asking for being pals u simply can become an accomplished persons by studing…
    Take ur time…

  5. Sami



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