Avoid playing with beautiful hearts
In a beautiful kashmir there lived a beautiful girl named siya.She is only 20 years old.Everyday she went to duty and came back home.She always sat at her cellphone and chatting with people.Her days went really boring.Her mom and papa also worked in government department.She was on only child at home because her other brother and sister remains outside from home for their education.So that no one had time for her.She watching TV and chatting with people.She felt really lonely.Her days went boring doing the same thing all the time.

One evening I was astonished after getting messages from siya on my Facebook account she accepted my friend request and the message said,hi,I just love you so much after all those years I couldn’t tell u I don’t why I felt really happy.But I didn’t know why I thought to myself,is she just joking or what? and then I wrote a message back to her saying.Are you really saying this or you are just joking? please tell me the truth.The girl didn’t reply right back, because she was not online at that very time.But I waited and waited.Next day after my work I saw an unread message it was from siya .No why would I lie? Believe me I really do love you.And I want to marry with you,My face turned into red.Because I was really happy as something might change in my life after all I looked at siya’s picture and I was liked her not her beauty but her beautiful thoughts .In every time I was thinking about siya’s all the time siya was telling me I want to meet you after few days.But those days not come true.Behind it there was her fake promises and she use me for all this as her pretends.I thought I could see her in coming days.Eight years passed we couldn’t meet with each other.Im really falling in love with siya.And it seemed like siya is really in love with me also we were really sweet to each other.I stopped my study because siya took all my time and I was happy too.

One day after I get back from higher secondary, because professionally I was working as contractual lecturer in chemistry.i saw some different activities of siya.Her phone   number seen in waiting and she was not interested towards my messages.After the few days she sent me an inbox message,a message was “Forget me I could not Live with you,as I m in love with my Ex boyfriend”.I love him ,he is my life. I was really crazy I wrote to her .who that boy is but she didn’t reply suddenly,I feel disgusting.My eyes starts tears I couldn’t stop my tears,and I thought everything is over between siya and me.

After few months I received a call it was siya . She said wow ! I was just joking, I have a boyfriend and his name is…..ilove him so much. I had a really great time laughing about how stupid you are. I felt angry and sad ,my eyes starts crying again.And it seemed I will sad for ever. I didn’t let anybody in my room.Because I was feeling lonely.All the time not for this siya doesn’t love me.But for her cheating with me, behind this the only reason was using me for achieving her exboy friend.Im too disappointing.I hated everybody and I was just lonely.she all doing this for the last eight years.In every time ,

when she communicates with me for one week,or few days, after that her words are forget about me,I’m sorry.behind it she calls me only for this her exboyfriend jealousy and he will come close to her.when they close to each other she said all these words,I’m sorry, forget about me,I feel guilty.She used me for her goal every time.But still i love her.I honoured her ,and i cant forget siya,in eight years my heart goes pieces in every time.

The beauty of my love, lost
Its prime,
She left for some unknown .
But I’m now all alone ,
Feeling the aches of her absence .
I lost my pateince ,
Its because of her goodness .
That I’m lost in wilderness ,
Tearss are trickling down my eyes .
Oh! I am in search of that Noble prize ,
Though she threw me out of her heart .
Yet she is the theme of my art.

New entry
Once again my life line my dream girl come back in my life in last year Oct 2019  that was a nice evening for me .I was I friends home my phone ring up loudly I saw an unknown no was calling me .I PIC up the call when I heard hello I was excited and feeling too much happy after simple greeting to know about each others I said him I will call u back after reached home .but unfortunately due to lack of balance in my phone I was anxious to talk with him. finally she called me and talking stats to know every thing which was happened for that long spell of time.finally we told each other about the engagement both sides was free and agree to hold each others hand for life time. but it was some thing difficult for me to make trust on him.because she had not Left any stone unturned to hurt me with full of cruelty .but it was the mercy of her little sis my breath if she needs anything from me I will not refuse because she is my sis and I will give him last drop of blood. she is highly qualified and good thoughtful girl .on her assurance I make my new journey with my munu g my sole.we were lived happy and loveable life with full of trust.we shear every thing related to ownslef and own families. but munu g was some thing in doubt because she was thinking own doings as she had done in past.her theart was tit for tat may he can do with me as I have.she forced me to make my talk with own family members as I do .now both sister’s have given their introduction with my family members. and munu g also introduced me with her colleagues life was happy. after sum days these sister s said parents need munu g marriage u should tell about it in ur family I told my whole family they give me assurance where ever u want u can do with an emotional feelings. and from munu g side  there my friend his is working in sukst shalimar as an profasar  I also told him about it that a girl from ur side I want to marry with him.plz do this for me he also give ma assurance if u want I will talk with her father about it. but munu refuses. now every one is well known about us.but day b day I was feeling there will happening wrong my heart was un satisfied .I was feeling some thing restless when ever I approached to munu about my restless she was telling may be ur going to be engaged from my side every thing is fine.finally a night that was good for munu but unfortunate for south ALTAF .I think I was normally talking but munu said ur tone is not good it hurts me.I can’t live with u.in next morning I was planing to go for picnic with my friends I beg permission from munu I want to go on picnic with my friends would I go.she said go with blessings of Allah. in full day she can’t call me. befor munu her lovely and trust worthy sis blocked me on whatsaap i thought now nothing is posiable now .it was her sis who makes our relationship strong and it is she who breaks our relationship i was not expected this is she can do this.my sis i am i pain un beariable pain .in that evening she said I have told my parents about my marriage where ever u want u could I was in shock. I said him how could u do this.she replayed I told it in angry mod and muma has took it easy don’t worry nothing will b happen.after that she used to make gape day to day.finally she said live ur life happily our marriage is impossible. after it I crayed loudly my whole family members have came in front of my Rome’s door and knocked what happen open the door.after opening the door they said what happen I told them I was crying for job.but my dii was felt that maybe there is the problem between them.she said is munu calling u.I said yes we r fine.but she said I want to talk with him. I told munu plz call the dii save my image. but munu was busy with her new partner .she refused my all request finally I beg u munu plz call the dii then she call her.but still my family members looking me as a theave .whenever they feel my mod is not good they realize that some thing’ is wrong .

our communication is now cut .as we was on call every time.  I was not able to say munu can I drop my phone I have a work ,because I was not make munu hurt .I higher him I respect him as like President. I was just like her mom when she slept perfectly after that I was sleeping and during sleeping if she calls me I was weak up as soon as possible to give him company. if munu could tell me u have to Wake up me in early. if was in deep sleep I was call him on right time.because I was love her. but once again she fell me from sky to on earth.I don’t know what is my guilty. she was deceiver she is deceiver as well as my breath my lil sis.now I am in pain .u r happy how u feel now u r brave clever .this is not fear I told u my lil sis is this fear .was I deserve all this.I am in shock I am crying for what .what is my sin.why u have play with me my feelings. it is the game of more than 13  years game as she played with me with new player her highly qualified sister.
now once again I would like to explain my pain full love story in few stanza s.
the beauty of my love last its prime
she left for some unknown .
but I am now all alone.
feeling the aches of her absence.
I last my patience.
it is because of her goodness.
that I am lost in wilderness.
tears are trickling down in my eyes.
oh I am in search of that noble prize.
though she threw me out of her heart.
yet she is the theme of my art.




  1. Vshal

    Clearly lack of knowledge of English.. I tried to understand your story but I guess I lost u… What I know about your life that you got dumped by two girls brutly…m I right.. Just let me know.. All I wanna say is u r matured and u r a full grown man.. Get over with it… U will be alright..be a man..let it go…good luck for your further life

  2. Ashhh❤️

    Mujhe jitna samjh Aaya h..us hisaab se Mai yehi bolna chaahugi ki ap Apne carrier p dhyan do…may be apke life m voh aayegi joh apke liye perfect h…so .all the best & don’t loss yourself..🙃

  3. Kali (Akash

    Hasta to me hmesa Tha
    Roya pehli baar Tha
    Rishta to sachha Tha
    Khoya Kisi Ko pehli baar Tha

  4. Kali (Akash

    Ham unjaan ban kar Bhi
    Apno si baat Krte hai …..
    Pasand kar kiy pehli hi najar me Apko
    aap gero si baat Krte hai….

  5. Pihu

    गरज उठे गगन सारा, समुंदर छोड़े अपना किनारा,
    हिल जाए जहान सारा, जब गूंजे जय श्री राम का नारा
    राम मंदिर भूमि पूजन की शुभकामनाएं…..

    🙏🙏जय श्री राम🙏🙏

    1. Radhika

      Jai shreee RAM pihu ji

      1. Pihu

        Hi radhika and heart💖 ji kaise hai aap dono

        Nd nice line 💖 ji

    2. 💖

      यारो फना होने की इजाजत ली नहीं जाती,
      ये श्रीराम की मोहब्बत है, पूछ के की नहीं जाती!
      🙏जय श्रीराम🙏

  6. Kali (Akash

    Dill Ke jakhmo Ko bhar rha Hu
    Ghar tera chorr rha Hu
    Jisme rehte the kabhi ham dono
    Aaj usi ghar Ke bahar khada Hu
    Tuje Kisi or Ke saat Dekh rha Hu

    1. Kali (Akash

      Unjaani mohabatt se rishta
      Kese kar lete
      Jo mohabatt Pane Ke Liy ma baap Ko chorr de
      use ham apna Kese keh dete

      1. Pihu

        Kya baat hai ji
        Super line

  7. Tanu

    Hi kali app batien kyu nahi karte kya apke dil main abhi tak dard chupa hai apki shayeri kabhi kabhi humeh bohooooooot rulati hain seriously

  8. Pihu

    देख कर उसको तेरा यूँ पलट जाना,
    नफरत बता रही है तूने इश्क बेमिसाल किया था।

  9. Pihu

    सुनो कोई टूट रहा है तुम्हे एहसास दिलाते दिलाते,
    सीख भी जाओ किसी की चाहत की कदर करना।

  10. 💖

    Aankhon Mein Base Ho Tum
    TUmhe Dil Mein Basa Loonga
    Itna RO Doge to
    niche Bati main Laga Dunga

    1. 💖

      Bati nhi Balti

      1. 💖

        Aankhon Mein Base Ho Tum
        TUmhe Dil Mein Basa Loonga
        Itna RO Doge to
        niche Balti main Laga Dunga

  11. Kali (Akash

    jise bhula diya Jaay
    Vo yaad jarur aata hai
    Agar rishta Ho pyar Ka
    To vo Ek baar samne
    Aa hi jata hai

    1. 💖

      Hey Mahapurush apna Su- Parichay To Dijiye

  12. Pihu

    Hiiiiii !
    My all dear frnds

    Kaise ho aap sab
    I miss you all

  13. Kali (Akash

    Muskil hai bta Pana ki Tu kitni
    Vafadaar thi
    Peso Ke Liy Muje chorr diya
    Khud imandaar Ho gai

  14. Kali (Akash

    World most beautiful sentence
    ….but, I love u
    World most painful sentence
    I love u, but…


  15. Tanu

    Hi heart maybe ap Rohannnnnnn hun

    1. Tiya

      Ye kya likha hai aapne sis

  16. Tanu

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    Mat ho udaas kabhi baat bhi hogy…
    Itny pyaar se dosti ki thi….
    Jindagi rahe toh kabhi mulaqat bhi hoge….
    miss you soooooooo much yakubbbbbbb

  17. Tanu

    Agar zindagi main kabhi judai na hoti.
    Toh kabhi kissi yasd ayi na hoti .

    Sath hi guzarta har lamhha..
    shayad rishton main yeh gehrayen na hoti…
    miss you Yakubbbbbbb
    kabhi agar ana howa toh ek msg humere liye kar dena
    bye guyssssssss

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    Good Morning

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    Vapis jo Tu aai shayd abhi
    Todi kurbaani baaki hai

    1. Pihu

      O my god akash kabhi to happy raha karo…..

      Waise this line is very nice

      But Kabhi kabhi jokes bhi likh diya karo hamesha sad line likhakar khud bhi rote ho or hamsbko bhi rulate ho 😭😭

      Anyways good morning have a nice day…..

  21. Kali (Akash

    Tera Mera pehli baar tere batay Jagah
    Par Milna
    Mill kar tera Jaldi jaane Ka vo baar baar kehna
    Ab to Sab khatm Ho gya hai Na
    Tu Kisi or ke saat Ho gya hai Na
    Vo akela pan tera khaas ho gya hai Na
    Mehsus to Hota hai Tu Har Jagah
    Par Sach Tu bhot door Ho gya hai na

  22. Tanu

    Yaad karte hain tume tanhai main…
    Dill doobha hain ghamo ke gehrayen main….
    Hume maat doondna dunya ky bid main…
    Hum milenge tume tumhary perchay main….
    miss you yakubbbbbbb

  23. Kali (Akash

    Haari huwi mohabatt
    Uski Jeet par fir Bhi
    Kush Hu
    Jeet me uski kushi thi
    Par Muje Na mili Isliy Toda na Kush Hu

  24. Kali (Akash

    Ankhe nm h ye dekhr ki insan kitna bndl jata h……
    Jinse pyar kro vo hi rooth jata h….
    Glti to btaye ek bar hme….ikrar krne ka dil krta h…..

    Hr koi khta h…akhe nm na kro..
    Hr koi kht h….khudko smbhalo…

    Koi tareeka kyu nhi btata🙃💔

    Sbb bdl gye….m bhi bdl gya.
    Kho gya hu khi. Un isq ki raho pr….
    Ab khudko dundhna… Mushkil ho chla h..
    Aakhe nam h ye Sab Dekh kar …..

  25. Tanu

    hy kali ap 3 years se just shayeri karte hai es site per kisi ki yaad main zara za batien bhi kiy karo apka man halka hojayega aur kya pata koi esa insan apki zindagi main dastak de jo apki zindagi ko zindagi bna de

  26. Tanu

    Pata nahi use ye samajh kyun nahi aata,
    keh mera dill nahi lagta ushe baat kiye bina,
    miss you yar

  27. Tanu

    Ek tarfa dosti ky baat hi kuch aur hoty hain..
    uski yaadon main din khat jaty hain,
    aur duoa main saari raat.
    miss u yakubbbbbbb plzzzzzzz come back
    apke bina es site ka hargez maza nahi hai

  28. Pihu

    Kuchh Baatein Hum Se Suna Karo,
    Kuchh Baatein Hum Se Kiya Karo!

    Mujhe Dil Ki Baat Bataa Do Tum,
    Honth Na Apne Siya Karo!

    Jo Baat Labon Tak Na Aaye,
    Wo Aankho Se Kah Diya Karo!

    Kuchh Baatein Kahna Mushqkil Hai,
    Tum Chehare Par pad Liya Karo!

  29. Pihu

    Main Tumhari mohabbat Ki Kya Misaal Dun,
    Iss Saare Jahaan Mein Be-Misaal Ho Tum.

  30. Rashmi

    Hiii friends im rashmi
    Kya aap mujhse dosti karoge

    1. Feriha

      Haan main karna chahti hu rashmi moto sapna

      1. Vinod ald

        Moto sapna kaun h

  31. Feriha

    Main Hyderabad se hun rashmi
    Main padati hun science
    From 4th to 7th standard ko
    Muslim hun

    1. Rashmi

      Nice feriha mujhe aapke naam se ek serial yaad aati hai jiska naam v feriha hi tha zindagi tv oar aati thi bohat pasand kiya karti main usko

  32. Tiya

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