A promise on Promise Day -Vixxu

In Our life, we takes lots of promises ,some we do and some we don’t but the reason behind was our selfishness.

This is not only a saga but also a message to everyone.
This story has started from the fresher’s day celebration in the L. COLLEGE, every college had a popular face and this college also had a popular boy ‘AVIAN’, AVIAN was a genuine, swaggy and cool nature type guy who was popular among girls and every girl wanted him as their partner.
AVIAN was a flirt handsome hunk who was not more than a dream boy for Girls, his mother was a house wife and his father was a BUSINESS MAN. AVIAN did whatever he wanted to do and somewhere he was good for nothing for his family, he was a good student but he didn’t know his goals.

AVIAN was living in th hostel because he wanted to enjoy the hostel life. 1st February 2014, FRESHERS’ DAY, there were so many students took admission in the L. COLLEGE of science and commerce, everyone was excited to meet new people whereas AVIAN was The G. S. of the COLLEGE so he had the duty to welcome new students. AVIAN also had a performance where he sang the friendship song for all freshers’ students.
AVIAN was performing and everyone was like cheering him up but in the mean time a girl entered the hall lately who’s also a fresher, her name was DIPA, DIPA was a small town girl who wanted to be a popular face of the COLLEGE in anyhow.
She was not only looking cute but also had a dazzling look. When she entered the hall, everyone was staring at er and she was kinda happy and standing with some girls watching AVIAN’s performance and those girls who were standing with start gossiping about AVIAN by saying AVIAN is so cute, I wish he is mine. DIPA in the same time ask everything about AVIAN so that she could shake her hand with AVIAN easily.

After that, she wanted to talk with AVAIN but AVIAN was a senior so he was not available, but one day when AVAIN was working on the college lab, DIPA entered and start talking with him through her eyes and AVIAN on the other side, he first time saw DIPA and got attracted to her but that time AVIAN was on trouble so he didn’t even spoke a single word with her and left the lab, DIPA got upset with him and AVIAN did realized and next day in the playground, when DIPA was sitting alone on the bench, AVIAN came with his guitar and sang a song for her saying sorry and DIPA got impressed and gave a big smile to him. AVIAN start a conversation with her.

DIPA: Hello!

AVIAN: I am sorry for the previous day.

DIPA: You should, I wanted to talk but you didn’t even give me a damn.

AVIAN: I was busy so I failed to say Hi.

DIPA: why?

AVIAN: I forgot to submit the biology practical So I had to submit the day before in any cause. And, thats why, I left the lab immediately.

DIPA:Oh! then, its okay.

AVIAN:Hope you understand.

DIPA: Yeah! I do…

After having a long conversation, AVIAN left the place for the class and some friends of DIPA came near to DIPA and start teasing her like woah! You are a friend of AVIAN. And, DIPA proudly replied YES! he is my friend.
AVIAN and DIPA start meeting everyday and AVIAN started falling for her in mysterious way, AVIAN saved his pocket money and brought gifts for DIPA. Though, FEBUARY is the VALENTINE’s month and already the VALENTINE’s week had started, he gave his 200% to impressed DIPA for any cause and on the hand, DIPA was famous and everyone was talking about DIPA and AVIAN. DIPA was enjoying her popularity.

In the promise day, AVIAN woke up very early and text DIPA to meet her before class, DIPA was quite happy and say yes, I will meet you, okay! They met and started a conversation…

AVAIN: Thank you so much for coming!

DIPA: How dare I don’t? I have to come, Yeah!

AVIAN:Thats sweet of you.

DIPA: So, say what do you want to say?

AVAIN: Yes, today’s the PROMISE DAY, right?

DIPA: Yes,say.

AVIAN: Um! I want to promise something.

DIPA: Yes!

AVIAN: Well, I promise, I never leave you alone in any condition.

DIPA: Oh my GOD! Seriously, thank you!


AVAIN gave her some chocolates and DIPA left for the class, AVAIN got happy and went to bed ’cause he didn’t even sleep the previous night for making something special for DIPA.

AVIAN had a mystery room which was found by him near the college and that room was not in used. So, he set up a very good atmosphere inside the room on the occasion of VALENTINE’s DAY for DIPA. AVIAN was confident about his work and himself.

NEXT DAY, AVIAN proposed DIPA in front of other students in the canteen and DIPA accepted his proposal. AVIAN lifted her up in the air and said…
AVIAN: You know, today’s the PROPOSE DAY?

DIPA: Yes, And you’ve planned to proposed me, nuh!

AVAIN: Yes, I Have.

Everyone was talking about AVIAN and DIPA, especially girls who liked AVIAN, They got a little heart attack and DIPA was the reason behind. Every girl used to followed DIPA’s glamour and style. And, eventually, They were the fan of DIPA ’cause she stole AVIAN.

DIPA was enjoying the popularity among the students at the most.
On the other hand, AVIAN was very serious about DIPA.

Finally, the VALLENTINE’s DAY came and AVIAN took DIPA with him in the mystery room and there DIPA saw the real AVIAN and his affection for her.
The whole room was filled with DIPA’s pictures, those had been captured by AVIAN secretly.
DIPA got amazed and hug him with tears in her eyes and said sorry to AVIAN.
After, DIPA said sorry to AVIAN, you all eager to know what happened next, why she said sorry to AVIAN. Here’s the conversation between them.

DIPA: I am sorry AVIAN.
AVIAN: Huh?why you said sorry?

DIPA: because, I used you.

AVIN: What? Say clearly.

DIPA: When I was new at College, I came to know that you’re the most wanted and popular guy in the College and to make all girl jealous and make myself famous among everyone. I used your company to being famous.

AVIAN: And, what about the love?

DIPA: I like you but I don’t have that kinda feeling, I like your personality and popularity only. And, I don’t know what is love.

AVAIN: So, that means everything was planned from first meet.

DIPA: Kinda yes, I know you didn’t submitted your Biology practical and someone told me when you are working on something, you don’t use to talk with anyone. And, I got the advantage from this and entered the lab when you are working on and yes everything was planned.

AVIAN:Yes! So, finally you are succeeded in what you have thought. You’re kinda popular in the College. But, why you’ve shared this shit things to me?

DIPA: Cause, A person like you and pure heart deserve to know the truth, you know.

AVAIN: Oh! please.

DIPA: Say.

AVIAN: Don’t worry, I do not break your so called earned popularity. I will make you more popular than this.

DIPA: You want to reveal everything?

AVIAN: Just wait and watch.
After having a long conversation,
AVIAN left the place and viral a rumour that DIPA dumb AVIAN and everyone was shocked and DIPA got more publicity through this and AVIAN losted his DUDE personality and next day DIPA came to knew that AVIAN left the College.
And, DIPA got shocked and hyper and ask his friends, why he left? and they answered We guessed because of you, you dumb him thats why.
After hearing this stuffs, DIPA cried out loud and she fell herself that she loves AVIAN. And, tried to contact him but it was not reachable.
DIPA got depressed and feeling alone without AVIAN.





  1. Rita sen

    Wow, first part is awesome.

  2. Jammy

    u r a great person puri story me aap best best best ho maine 1&2 dono parts padhe then yaha cmnt kar rahi hu aap jaise log bahut kam hote hai Avian ji

    lekin Dipa ji ne Jo kiya WO galat kiya mujhe aapke liye sad feel hua qki aap WO deserv nahi karte the aapko kitna hurt hua hoga aap jaise log to sirf happiness & true love dsrv karte ho Avian ji

    Vixxu ji thanks 2 u yaha ye story post karne ke liye warna ye kaise pata chalta ki real m bhi itne achhe log hote hai Thanks

  3. Urvashi

    Deserving a big salute to write such a great Novel.

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    Nice story

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    nyce story…

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    Good Love Story.

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