Without You – Zahirul

Hello, My name is Zahirul. I am in LLB 5th Sem.Today I am going to express my feeling  after breakup with her.Oh her name is Atifa. My story was starting when I had read in class 11th. She was my cousin sister. One day, I went to her home on the occasion of her birthday. They treat a nice party. My parents and all of our relatives present there. After party I gave to her my mobile number and said to her that call me when u will free. But she replied that she has no mobile phone. At that time she was reading in class 9th. And I said to her try to call me by her mother mobile. Accutallly  I am from geruati  that is a small  village of Nagaon district of Assam. But  at that time I was staying in Nagaon. After party I came to room and thinking abour her. She is so pretty. Looking like Soha Ali Khan and Soha is my favourite one of the bollwood actrsses. After 2 days She call me and I recieve the call. I just heard a softly voice of a girl. I guess she is Atifa.
Atifa: How are you ?
Me: Good
Yes my guess is right and she is Atifa.
Atifa: what are you doing?
Me : Nothing , just waitinng for your calls from two days.
Atifa: Oh ! So sorry ! I have no chance to call you. Today mom is outsight from home and she forget to carry her mobile. In this chance I call you.
Me :  oh ! God ! thank you.
Atifa: you always welcome.
Me: When your mom will  be return at home.
Atifa : I think she will come after 2p.m.
Me : oh ! Very nice . Hello , I have to say something.
Atifa: I know what u want to say?
Me : what ?
Atifa: I love you ?
Me: Yes ……
Atifa: I love you too.
And finally we are fall in love and both are flying in the sky.
After talking sometime she said bye !
My mind and heart both are glowing like a lotus. Oh god ! I love you and her too.We are always good friends from childhood.

After few days, Suddenly at the time of night 10o’clock  my mobile is ringing. I wokeup and take the mobile. When I see that number ; I felt so happy. Yes, She is Atifa
Me: How are you?
Atifa: Fine.
Me: where is your mom?
Atifa: She is sleeping. And I take her mobile under her pillow like a pilfer.
Me: ha..ha..haa…
Atifa: Don’t laugh like monkey.
Me: ok baby ok..
Atifa: I missed you so much
Me: me too. But how can i call you. You have no mobile.
Atifa: Yes.
After talking some time she said; my parents will go to nagaon town tomorrow for her businese purpose.So, you can come to our home. I replied sure and see you tommorrow.
On the next day morning, I wokeup earlier than other day. My heart is smiling. At 11o’clock I wore new dress and ready to go there. First I went to a mobile store and I bought a new LG phone by 1400 rs and also a vodafone sim card.
When I reached her home she came out and said please come insight. When I  entered her room.She was awesome in wet hairs. She wore a pink skirt and a blue top.Looking like Soha Ali khan.I took a long sigh.She felt shy.I seat behind her and gave her my gift .She was so happy. She went out to kitchen room for make a cup of tea.She came with a tray where is a two cup of tea. While we were drunk we hangging out about our future.
After Drunk I take a long breath and stood up the sofa.She gazed me and I pinched on ner cheek. She hugged me and me too tightly. We were kissing on  lips one of other. I totally lost my mind. I sleeped on her bed she too. We were sleeping together without any cloths.But we did not sex. After 2 hours I came to my room.
After that day, we were talking 2/3 hours nonstop on phone call. I thought she will be my wife.

This way our love story is going on without any problem. Her HS result was so good.
But after complete her H.S she applied for a job in Delhi and finally they called her for interview. She has gone to Delhi and selected for the job. She has a good salary. After get the first salary she call me and said ….
Atifa : Zahirul you are from village and I can’t merry with you because I can’t live in village.
Me: Thats not important, where from I ?
Atifa : Don’t love me. Try to forget all.
Me: But How and Why?
Atifa: Because U have no job..How much your income today?
Me: Nothing
Atifa : That is the reason for break up with you.
Me: But Atifa I will get a job.
Atifa : When?
Me : After complete my degree.
Atifa: LOL 😃 Jolly LLB. What will your expect of your salary.
Me: I don’t know. But I will try my best.How can I forget you?
Atifa: I don’t know how? I’m going to merry Mr.Khan (my office boss)
Me : merry?
Atifa: yes merry…Mr.Khan have a good salary,have a won car and house. He is so better than you looser. Don’t try to call me next. I will send your LG (iphone) and voda(jio)sim.Bye
Me : ok your life your choose?

Dear, readers after that ancident I never try to contact with her. But I can’t forget her. Everytime and Everywhere she is in my mind.

Now, I swear to make a better life than her. I will do something and I have to do something. I will show her; please Allah help me. But she was only an one Soha Ali khan of my life. How can you live without me? How?
One day you will miss me. The window of my heart is always open for you Atifa. I will be success in my life.

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  1. Prince

    So Sad To Hear About You. Very Confusing Love Story.

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  2. Aj

    Aapki story bahoth sad hai…zahirul
    Aap apni study pe concentrate karna…aap ek din ache aur kamiyaab lawyer banoage….best of luck for your future

  3. Isha

    Nice story…
    aap apne study or career pr focus kre…. or kuch kar dikhaye… k shayad unko apne decision pe pachtava ho jaye…ki unhone sachche pyaar ki Qadar nhi ki..
    best of luck for your bright future..

  4. siddhartha

    Zahirul aapke paas ab mauka hai ap an bahut achee naukree Kay liye tayarii karo and agar WO naukree aapko mil jaye to uske baad unhe apna bio data batana unko bhee to shame feel hona chaiye kee unhone kiss gold ladke ko chord diya thaa


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