Love u Yashika for no reason

Today I meet with a girl that’s name was Ayesha she belongs to orrisa you know that girl is so much open minded and clever when she see me she know very clearly and told that u belong to good family and having good fortune person you hide many felling inside your mind as per my sense of humour

I was really shocked how she know she tell me I laugh alot that make her to know and point come to know that why she also laugh alot bcz have breakup with her X….she tell me everything how a guy cheat with her..and told that I don’t know why I m telling these all to you but believe me u are gd hearted person at that I feel guilty because she was beautiful and she tell that good looking is not guarantee of anything at that time I really get shocked how my thinking she know…at last she was crying I fell so bad I don’t understand why..she belongs to good family as she told belongs to Bihar..

writing of this story never means I am attracted toward that girl at last I ask that can u be my friend can u be ….she openly told you want my number or address I ask just your name she smile little and tell(it’s Ayesha mehra) She say good bye and tell I cant be never your friend bcz u deserve better girl whom you love so just I wish you love forever to that lucky girl….and say good bye with little drops from eye and she told it her wish she never meet with me (it’s a special reason)……….

by Eklavya(sunny Yadav)

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  1. Rajver R J

    story to achhi h pr kya kr skte h
    aap Pakistani Ho wo Indian koi mel hi ho rha bhai.
    usne bola h bhul jao to .ab bhulne ki kosis kro

  2. Rajver R j

    sorry yr ajkl pta nhi mera dimag kana rahta h.. comment kaha karna tha or kaha kr rha hu… बावळा हो गया हु आज कल

  3. Rajver R j

    huwa hu mai panjabidhrti pe shard par story Red kr rha tha or apne dost se bate kr rha tha pta hi nhi chala kb lovers… pr aaya or comment mar deya
    ye to Mistek ho gya


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