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Hi dis is kiran.my love started@ facebook strange but true..one evening I have nothing to do I just opened my fb(facebook) and searching frnds to chat.i dont frm where she came in my frnds list but I got her name nd she is online so I texted her hi…she too replied me we started a frndly conversation. Honestly to say I just want to flirt with her dat wat my intenstion at dat time..I checked her info she is frm my cousin college so I caled my sis to knw abt dat gal she gave me every details abt her.than nxt day evening again we started our conversation I said her maine apka mbl number patha karliya hai..dan she haven’t believed me jst in 1 night hw can u get my number she said I said its a magic..at the mrng I went to clg dan I made a call to her she picked up my call and she said hello whose dis..my heart strucked at dat time I never heard a lovely voice my heart got melted am speech less.another side she is sayn hello…dan I said hi dis is kiran fb frnd she said yeah tell me

but I dint knw wat to tell I said am in clg cal u later nd hanged up..allover dat day I heard her voice in my mind nd I felt something in my heart its a amazing feeling I had fr herdat day.at night I decided to call her again I prayed god for not to become speech less after hearing her voice. I caled hershe picked up cal I siad hi wat dng we started conversation I jst feeling her lovely voice and suddenly I said I love you..she shocked disconnected the call.i texted her dan she gave a rply r u crazy u dont even know me we haven’t seen each other how can u say dat u love me my answer is I dont know but I love u I want u rest of my life she said no to me my heart brked down she said we can be only frnds nothing much.but der was not da day I haven’t proposed het I became very serious about her I begged her to love me even I cried so many times her words her hurting me more and more even I committed suicide. Her ans is my family not agree fr love.i said I want ua ans she said I like u as a frnd dan I said ok fine leave me but she said no I want u like a frnd my heart get melted again I have to start beg my love.after sew months we shared our photos

she looks awesome not only her voice she too beautiful. I got crazy abt her.after 7 months she agreed my love at dat time am top of da hill.we loved each other very much like madly..1 year completed we are in love.but fr some reason she got pocessive on me dat feeling is hell to me.but still I love her.now I heard dat she had a frnd nd she is very close to him did wil kills me I cant tell u how am feeling like its a hell now. I dont know what to do I love her and I want her.wat have to do…still we haven’t met yet but she is avoiding me now nd she say dat she only love me I dont knw wat to do..iam waiting for her to come to me completely.my love name is charitra..




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  1. mohit - April 14, 2014, 9:09 pm Reply

    relax dude..if she loves u truely dan she’ll be bach….wait…
    “I miss the talks we used to have, I miss
    the voice I used to hear… I miss hearing
    your crazy but cool stories, and above all
    these… I just miss you!”

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